An Iconic French Lingerie Brand Etam Opened Its First Store In Nairobi At Village Market, One Of A Kind Within East Africa With Plans For Many More

Etam, France’s most famous lingerie company, opened its first Kenya store in Nairobi’s Village Market last month, seeking to fill a void in Nairobi’s lingerie market. Etam offers luxury nightwear, swimwear, lingerie and accessories focused on Kenya’s growing middle class.
Founded in 1916, Etam is now active in over 45 countries. Having opened its first location in East Africa, the company plans to grow further in the coming years to meet the growing demand for superior quality and reasonably priced lingerie.

Etam is known around the world for its ‘perfect fit’, which combines sexiness, comfort and sustainability.

Despite being the only lingerie brand to walk the Paris Fashion Week catwalk, Etam is also known for its quality products.

Committed to earth-responsible fashion
When creating its collections, Etam emphasizes using textile materials that have the least negative impact on the environment. The company wants 80% of its products to meet environmental standards by 2025, up from his 53% in 2022.

for women
Etam cares deeply about women. The company partners with Solidarité Femme and Toutes L’Ecole, campaigns aimed at ending gender-based violence and promoting educational opportunities for disadvantaged girls around the world.

France Liberté, the country’s best-selling lingerie brand, aims to become the most popular French lingerie brand in the world.
What you wear under your clothes determines your style and mood every day. It gives us the strength and confidence to handle anything the world can throw at you.

Empowering lingerie means an empowered woman.
Since the term “French liberté” encompasses a range of ideas, including “feminine”, “feminist”, “carefree” and “dedicated activist”, Etam is a member of groups such as the Gynécologie Sans Frontières. We are proud to work with women to support and work with them. , One Drop, UN Women France, La Maison des Femmes, Solidarité Femmes.

A great collaboration that fosters a shared vision and desire to uplift many women on the planet.

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