Styling Natural Short Hair: 40 Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Just because your natural hair is short doesn’t mean it can’t be worked into a variety of styles.

4C Hair may be delicate, but it stays Most versatile of all hair typesNow what does this mean for you?

Woman wearing a bantu knot to style her natural short hair

That means your natural hair can give you a gorgeous look regardless of its length.The strands are elastic and the coils are curvy. It allows you to create braids, twists, curls, and various shapes with (or without) wax, gel, hairpins, or rubber bands.

woman wearing curly frizzy hair

Now that you know this, why not learn how to style natural short hair?

How to style natural short hair

woman wearing low cut glasses

If you have short Type C hair, work it into one of the following styles:

short haircut

Beautiful woman rocking short blonde haircut

Want a little break from grooming your hair? cut it. Low cuts are not just for men. Also suitable for women.

Beautiful woman wearing low cut with fade

You can either cut all of your hair the same length and low, or shave the sides to create a short hair fade.

bantu knot

Cute woman wearing bantu knot for styling her natural short hair

If you want an Afrocentric look that takes you back to your roots, the bantu knot hairstyle is the way to go. Styling the knot correctly will suit any occasion.

Woman wearing bantu knot hairstyle

Additionally, consider using bobby pins to secure the knot.And wear a satin bonnet to keep your hair hydrated.


Marsai Martin wearing two afro puffs

Afro puffs are similar to common bread. Use an elastic band to style your afro hair into a dense updo, creating a puff or two.

Gorgeous black woman wearing an afro puff for styling her natural short hair

Many naturalists love puffs. You can add her hair accessories like clips to her hair or wear her one or her two braids/twists on the side.


Woman wearing a bounce twist to style her natural short hair

The twist blends into the afro-textured hair coils to create an alluring rope-like look.

Woman wearing natural twist for styling natural short hair

You can go for a Senegalese twist or a bounce twist. The latter is more suitable for natural hair because it is twisted and then compressed to create bouncy curls, and stretched to increase length.


Model wearing sunshade with cornrows to style her natural short hair

Cornrows are smooth and perfect for styling short, natural hair.

Alicia Keys won an award for styling her natural short hair in cornrows

You can braid your hair into different styles of cornrows or add hair extensions to add a little extra length while maintaining a natural look.


Woman wearing natural box braid

If you don’t want a twist or cornrows, you can style your hair into a box braid if you prefer.

A woman in a natural box braid styling her natural short hair

No need to braid or twist all over your hair. You can manipulate half and leave the rest alone for a stylish look.


Beautiful naturalista smiling with her flowhawk for styling natural short hair

The Frohawk is inspired by the Mohawk. But here, instead of shaving the sides of the hair, all the hair is manipulated into a flowhawk.

A naturalist wearing a flow hawk and smiling

This style is perfect if you don’t mind a little drama.

twist out

Pictures showing how twist outs are achieved for styling natural hair

This styling of naturally short hair involves dividing the hair into sections, twisting them to dry, and untwisting them to achieve wavy strands.

woman wearing twist out

finger coil

Woman wearing finger coils to style her natural short hair

You don’t have to go to a salon to pull this off. You can wrap your hair around your fingers in your bedroom or living room and do it all yourself. The result is a tight, bouncy coil in your hair.

Woman wearing finger coil, hand holds half of it

Gorgeous hair styling for natural short hair. If you don’t have the patience to do it yourself, be sure to see a hairstylist.

finger wave

Zendaya wearing a finger wave hairstyle

Dinners, red carpets, and formal events on your calendar? Why not turn your short hair into finger waves? It looks great with your dinner dress.

Beautiful woman wearing finger coils for styling her natural hair

This hairstyle forms the hair into a flat “S” wave and lays it flat on the scalp.

Use extension

woman wearing fake rock

Want to achieve a stunning hairstyle using only your natural hair? Use hair extensions instead.

Woman wearing crochet hair extensions

From attachment extensions to clip-ins, crochet, faux locks, wool, African threading and much more. It also comes in a variety of colors, which can help you take a break from your natural hair color.

Woman wearing cornrows with attachments for styling natural short hair

There it is. If you want more ideas for styling your natural short hair, take a look at these.

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