I like older women because they don’t stress me – Kweku Darlington

Ghanaian singer-songwriter Kwek Darlington says she prefers dating people much older than herself because it’s less stressful.

According to the 27-year-old rapper, dating an older woman is less stressful, easier to understand, and more lighthearted.

Kweku Darlington’s claims come out when he drops the video for his love single “Osama.”

“Older women just want to have fun, and I love to have fun, so it’s a good fit.

“Dating younger people comes with a lot of stress because you go through all sorts of turmoil that can affect your career.

“Being with someone older than me is a safe haven for me and that’s my choice,” Kwek Drallington said in an interview.

When asked if he’s dating an older woman, Kwek Darlington said, “I’m single at the moment and I’m still looking. You will know,’ he said.

Since his breakthrough with “Shika Abba Fee,” Kwek Darlington has gone on to produce even more stellar hits, including “Shika Can Can,” “Onipa,” and “Barbie Ow.”

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