Music sensation Larry Prince looks to give Afrobeat a new touch 

Up-and-coming music star Larry Prince says he combines his Afrobeat style with Ghanaian hip life, house music, and the feel of the Ivory Coast coupe decalé genre to create interesting songs.

According to the musical genius, his next single, “Searchkin Rami,” will explore a different kind of Afrobeat vibe that will become an anthem of the house.

In an interview ahead of its January 16, 2023 release, the talented musician was optimistic that his new Afrobeat rhythms would be embraced not only by Ghanaians, but by the entire world.

“My afrobeat blends a variety of rhythms, from Ghanaian hiplife to Ivory Coast coupe decals. I hope to blow the minds of music fans, especially given my relatable lyrics. “

“Music is my life and I want to provide music lovers with the best sounds that represent the true sounds of Africa. They should expect more intense songs from me this year.

The upcoming single “Sachikin Rami” produced by “Horrofix Umagar” is a curated masterpiece available for streaming on the scheduled release date.

Larry Prince released several songs that became groundbreaking hits in the music industry, including “Koomigb3,” “Body Pump,” “You Fine,” “Digital Hustle,” and “Rukia.”

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