Parliament to investigate Meek Mill’s video shoot at Jubilee House

Congress will conduct an investigation into how American rapper Meek Mill was allowed to shoot a music video at Jubilee House.

Samuel Okuzet Abrakwa, Member of Parliament for North Tong Constituency, said:

He said the issue would be taken up in the House of Commons when Congress resumed.

He said this was to prevent a recurrence of such “international embarrassment” and protect the image of the country’s president.

“We insist on an investigation. We insist on prosecuting all those who have masterminded this national dishonor and international disgrace. We will continue to press the committee to look into this matter when the House reopens and we will bring this matter up on the floor,” he said in an interview with Joy News on Monday afternoon. He demanded an apology from the Ghanaians for what he said was “a vile desecration of the Jubilee House.”

A teaser for the rapper’s music video posted on social media included part of the Jubilee House, including the president’s lectern.

Meek Mill has been seen in the company of a group of other supporters rapping at government seats.

The content of the video has since come under fire from Ghanaians who say the act threatened the safety of Jubilee House.

Abraqwa previously sought the immediate termination of the person who allowed the American rapper to film his music video at Jubilee House.

“Everyone responsible for Meek Mill’s vile desecration of Jubilee House must be fired immediately.

“Ghana’s government seat is no longer a high security facility?” Abraqwa tweeted.

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