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Whenever I put on my favorite high-waisted flared jeans, I stop in front of the mirror and look at my curves. These jeans are flattering. The way it encircles the thighs and makes it looser around the legs is worth having.

But how do you style these beauties to compliment your shape? How can you maximize their potential?

Woman in blue high-waisted flared jeans with off-shoulder rainbow top

Let’s find out together.

What are flare jeans?

Woman in blonde wig, blue high-rise flared jeans, and cropped t-shirt

Flared jeans are denim pants that widen at the knees and widen as they approach the ankles. The bottoms of these pants either have minimal flare (like bootcut jeans) or have dramatic wide legs in the shape of a bell (bellbottom jeans).

Woman wearing bootcut jeans with decorative crop top

Also called bellbottoms Flared jeans were a ’60s sensation To the 90’s. But they’re back on the scene with a variety of styles and tweaks to match today’s trends.

Woman wearing black turtleneck flared jeans

For example, you can use them as low-rise or high-rise jeans in black, blue, pink, brown, etc. The latter is your main concern, so let’s see how you can pull it off.

How to wear high waist flared jeans

Woman showing her back in high-waisted flared jeans

Tired of wearing skinny and straight leg jeans all the time? They must be sick of you too. Change your mood with something new, like high-rise cute flared jeans.

Woman wearing cropped bell bottoms with sky blue top and mini bag

If that makes sense, here are some tips for you:

with a crop top

Woman in cropped bell bottoms with black and white gingham top and mini bag

Crop tops look great with high-rise jeans.

Woman in high-waisted flared jeans with floral crop top

The high-waisted flared jeans will tighten your lower body by simply fitting them around your upper body.

denim on denim

Smiling woman in flared jeans and denim jacket

Pair flared jeans with a denim jacket or top. A trendy and stylish outfit will be completed.

A woman wearing a denim jacket tucked into flared jeans

Additionally, you can keep the denim the same shade or have different shades.

wear a nice t-shirt/polo

Woman wearing high-waisted flared jeans and tops

You can also pair your jeans with a polo shirt or T-shirt.

Woman wearing high-waisted flared jeans and polo shirt

This can be a tight or large tee. Whatever you wear, tuck it into your pants to accentuate your waist and belt.

with a turtleneck

Woman in black high-waisted bootcut jeans with turtleneck top

A turtleneck that is easy to match with any bottoms.

Woman in high-waisted flared jeans with multicolored turtleneck top

You can wear it with long sleeves or sleeveless.

wear a shirt or blouse

A woman wearing high-waisted flared jeans and a white shirt

Additionally, consider pairing bootcuts and bell-bottoms with nice dress shirts and blouses.

Woman in high-waisted flared jeans with a clean top

It creates a smart casual atmosphere that does not feel uncomfortable even at work.

Layer with a blazer or other outerwear

Woman in high-waisted flared jeans with black blazer

Speaking of smart casual, layering a blazer over high-waisted flared jeans is a cool way to look casual yet smart.

A woman wearing high-rise flared jeans and a coat

If you don’t want the blazer option, feel free to choose cardigans, coats, sweaters, jackets, etc.

waist with a belt

Woman wearing white t-shirt and flared jeans with belt

Not only does it hold the pants around your waist, but the belt accentuates your curves and accentuates your waist.

Woman wearing high-waisted flared jeans with belt and white blazer

So wear your high-waisted flared jeans with a belt. They go well with any top, but for longer tops, tuck them inside to show off your belt.

wear a tank top

Woman wearing high-waisted flared jeans and cropped tank top

Need a breathable top that shows off your arms and hands while still serving as high-waisted flared jeans?

Woman wearing white tank top and high-waisted flared jeans

Go for tank tops. They never go out of style.

walk in comfortable shoes

Woman in brown high-rise flared jeans with tank top and sneakers

High-rise flared jeans are versatile and look great with sandals, flip-flops, ballerina flats, knee-high boots, ankle boots, heels, and sneakers.

Woman in white high-rise flared jeans with sweater and sneakers

Pick the one you’re comfortable with and go for it.


Woman in brown high-rise flared jeans with white tank top and scarf

Just like a sentence doesn’t make sense without punctuation, your outfit is never complete without accessories.

Woman in ripped high-waisted flared jeans with white crop top and scarf

So put on your earrings, jewelry, hat and sunglasses, grab a nice bag and go steal the show.

types of flared jeans

Woman in flared jeans with white long sleeve crop top

Flared jeans come in many different styles. They include:

1. Boot cut jeans

black woman wearing cardigan and bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans flare slightly at the ankle. It has a subtle flare and looks great when paired with ankle boots.

2. High waist flared jeans

Woman in top and hat with high-waisted flared jeans

High-waisted flared jeans may be bootcut or bell-bottomed. Their defining feature is that they are located high on the hips, just below the navel.

It’s cute when paired with a shirt that can be easily tucked into a crop top, tank top, T-shirt, or jeans to accentuate your waist.

3. Cropped flared jeans

Woman wearing cropped flared jeans

The style looks like skinny jeans, but flares at the knees and the hems stop at the ankles.

4. Bell bottom jeans

Woman wearing pink bell bottoms and pink hat

Flared pants with wide flare from below the knee. This look was a major part of women’s fashion in the 1970s and remains fashionable today.

Cropped flared jeans model with ankle boots

And it’s rap. Which of these tips resonate with you? Remember, you can’t go wrong with either choice. Just pick the one that fits your style and switch when needed.

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