Bella Shmurda Recounts Mohbad’s Darkest Moments Following Fall Out With Label

In a new interview, Nigerian artist Bela Shmurda has revealed that his friend Mohvad committed suicide over contract issues with record label Marian Records.

In an interview, Bela Shmurda, who has been close to Morvad since they were students at Lagos State University, revealed that Morvad had contemplated suicide while battling Marian Records over contract issues.

According to Vera, Morvad was spotted by his girlfriend after attempting to jump out of the window of the house, and her girlfriend’s timely intervention prevented the suicide attempt.

The dispute between Mohbad and Marlian Records was one of last year’s major headlines in the music industry. The news included accusations of physical assault, substance abuse, non-payment of royalties, and ultimately contract termination.

Mohbad vs. Marlian Record: When disagreements arose between Naira Marley’s Marlian Records and signer Mohbad, Pulse accused the label of physically attacking Mohbad for wanting a change in management. reported that

Naira Marley then accused Mohbad of being intoxicated all the time, which was the cause of his erratic behavior. I explained.

As a result, Morvad had his attorney terminate his contract with Marian Records over physical assault and non-payment of royalties.

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