LGBTQ Activist, Fashion Designer and Model Edwin Chiloba Was Brutally Killed, His Body Stuffed In A Metal Box

Edwin Chilova was brutally murdered in Kapsaret, Uasingisu county, and his remains were placed in a metal casing.
DCI detectives are working around the clock to convict Edwin Chirova of the horrific and inhumane murder, despite the fact that the cause of Edwin Chirova’s death is still unknown.

In one of the interviews, Edwin Chiloba from Elgeyo Marakwet described his difficult upbringing after the death of his mother. He was still quite small when his mother died.
Then, in his senior year of high school, death struck again and took his father away.
He claims that by praising his father and encouraging his creativity, he gave him acceptance and meaning.

While studying at the West Campus of Moy University, Edwin found happiness and a newfound love for fashion.
Edwin Chirova was demoralized and eventually moved to Nairobi, where he remained until a friend signed with his modeling and entertainment agency.

Shortly after I started painting, I received a direct message on Facebook from a Caucasian couple who were impressed with the painting, and it became a big hit.
They eventually helped him get into fashion school and supported his efforts.
His body was found stuffed inside a metal box delivered by an unmarked, unremarkable vehicle. Uasingisu authorities are investigating how he was murdered.

When the incident was reported and the police arrived, they found the decomposing body of a man inside a box dressed as a woman.
The deceased’s body was taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, where an autopsy was performed to determine how he died.

Cirova had been injured in an attack four months before her decomposing body was discovered.

According to the Nairobi News, people who were against his LGBTQ involvement reportedly pounced on him for his blood.
Although he managed to escape, Cirova suffered a large cut on his lip, a cut on the upper part of his face, and bruises all over his face.

gruesome murder
Chilova was brutally murdered with his body stuffed in a huge metal box and derelict in Kapselet, Uasingisu county.
Witnesses said a metal box was dumped from the car in which the license plate was hidden around noon.

Police were called and opened the box to find Cirova’s decomposing corpse in women’s clothing.

The body was taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, awaiting an autopsy.

last moment
Cirova’s last public appearance was on New Year’s Eve with friends at a local entertainment venue in Eldoret.
According to a video widely circulated online, the model was seen having fun with two friends.

Cirova is found dead in the same clothes she wore to the New Year’s Eve party.
His death has attracted calls for a speedy investigation into the model’s death, with many saying he was targeted for his gender choice and activism.

rest in peace

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