Sarkodie – Nasty C Beef Takes Another Turn. SEE DETAILS

BET Award-winning rapper Sarkody has finally responded to South African rapper Nasty C’s allegations with a new single tagged “Landlord.”

Nasty C made headlines in November when he revealed details about his relationship with Sarkody during a freestyle session at Metro FM’s ‘The Touch Down’ show in South Africa.

Nasty C claimed that Sarkodi had contacted him twice about doing the feature, but due to the latter’s surly behavior at the first meeting, he turned him down. refused to shake hands when they first met.

Nasty C originally rapped:

“You see, when I first met Sarkodi, he didn’t shake my hand.. Cool, I’m not too proud to say I’m still a fan, but I hold a grudge and I told myself to wait till I was… Man, I’ll never give that man a poem, did I stick to my plan, two requests over the years , and I decline both.”

The Sark Nation boss was quiet when the allegations first surfaced, but things have taken a turn for the better and he’s addressed them with a new single, ‘Landlord’.

In “Landlord,” Sarkodi boasts of being “the best rapper,” while Nasty claims he’s just a “fan,” meeting fans like they do, asking for autographs, and paying respects when he walks out. should have

Sark’s Wrap in Landlord:

“I am the biggest inspiration for your favorite rapper. I’m sorry but whenever you meet the best all you need is a marker Grab the sign and fuck me No need to shake hands I can get out So you know you’re your ego You may know that I’m not the one fighting with

Sarkodi adds that all of Nasty C’s attacks on him were a plan to get his attention, and they succeeded.

Sark adds:

“Look, I don’t have the pride to reach out to anyone. I love your ego so baggy friend. Imma don’t let me cap like we all do.” I’m kind of ruining my own party Don’t twist it I’m still a fan but you don’t go crazy I’m still a man I’m a buddy I know it’s part of the plan for you to touch such a clever ass god. is like Jay-Z reacting to Lil Dark.”

Listen to “Landlord” below.

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