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My top 12 recipes for 2022

If you thought 2021 was going to be a busy year for work, 2022 took the cake. I was able to spend a delicious year again this year (as usual). My top 12 recipes for 2022 are the ones I make over and over again, the ones anyone can do, and they’re totally delicious.

if you want to check out my best recipe From previous years – all still my favorites and delicious. You can find it here: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 When 2014.

best tomato galette

This recipe works best only if you use a variety of fully ripe summer tomatoes (preferably heirloom). Parmesan cheese is added to the crispy sour cream dough, and it has become a standard galette. The herb-rich ricotta base gives this galette a lot of structure and keeps the bottom from getting soggy.

Ottolenghi Roasted Chicken and 3 Kinds of Rice Salad

This salad is a complete winner, and while I used the rest of the store-bought rotisserie chicken, it’s worth roasting your own here, too. An abundance of herbs (including mint) and a flavorful dressing bring this dish to life.

Ottolenghi Roasted Chicken and 3 Rice Salad Recipe in a Green Bowl

Spinach and 3 cheese phyllo pie

I am somewhat obsessed with phyllo pastry and the savory pies made with it.This is my best recipe to date. I made a snake-shaped vegetarian pie.

Spinach and 3 Cheese Phyllo Pie Recipe (Spanakopita)

Rigatoni alla Norma recipe

Made with tomato sauce and grilled eggplant, this simple Sicilian vegetarian dish is now a perennial favourite.

Eggplant Italian Pasta All Norma RecipePistachio and rose meringue

The recipe was a hit on social media, and my first recipe surpassed 100,000 views on Tik Tok (and counting!). Mini Pavlova with crispy outside and marshmallow inside. A hint of rosewater lends a slightly Middle Eastern flavor profile.

Rose meringue recipe with pistachios and whipped cream

Asian slow cooked lamb shank

Aromatic and umami-rich, this dish is a delicious alternative to lamb shanks in red wine and rosemary. I can’t wait to make it again.

Slow Braised Asian Lamb Shank Recipe

Oversized Grilled Cheese with Hot Honey Butter

This is too delicious and a crowd pleaser. The hot honey is flavored with Aleppo pepper, which we put on top.

Huge grilled cheese with hot honey butter sliced ​​on board

eggs in puttanesca sauce

Made primarily from pantry staples, this dish has become a g0-too dinner when you have nothing planned and just need something quick and tasty. can be inserted.

Egg bread cooked in puttanesca sauce

my best lemon meringue pie

With a baked lemon filling and an unbaked Italian meringue, I’ve made the best version of this classic dish.

Italian meringue on lemon pie

Moroccan chicken & rice with eggplant

I love this easy chicken casserole that is mostly hands-free and packed with flavor.The raisins add sweetness, the green olives add a delicious salty tartness, and the pistachios add crunch.

Cherries in Spice Port Syrup

This recipe is for when you have leftover seasonal cherries.They are perfect with a spoon in vanilla ice cream

Cherries soaked in spiced port syrup in a jar

Simple and Deep Christmas Mince Pies

I love mince pies, and these shortbread-like pastry-filled ones are my all-time favorites.

Recipe for Christmas mince pies dusted with powdered sugar.

See this space because it’s hard not to include my easy no-knead focaccia bread, my go-to easy bread that instantly turns into a pizza. I will not use any other recipes.

Cut Easy No-Knead Focaccia Bread

Happy new year. May 2023 be a good year for you. Thank you for visiting my page and for cooking and sharing your recipes.

Sam x

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