Ghana meets Naija USA partnership deal sealed

Abofrem Area Foundation, a US-based NGO, has signed a deal with Empire Entertainment to host this year’s Ghana Meets Naja USA concert..

Abofrem Area Foundation CEO Nana Nkrumah Adasa III and Abofrem Area Foundation Event Coordinator Samuel Seth Karikari aso, aka Koofori, representing Ghana, CEO of Empire Entertainment Nat Kwabena Adisi aka Bola Ray I met with Today, we are finalizing a deal to host the Ghana Meets Naija USA concert in New York on April 23, 2023.

The Abofrem Area Foundation, which is also the organizer of America’s Most Beautiful Woman in Africa, is poised to host its first major concert in the United States.

There have been discussions with the parties since last year, but they have finally reached an agreement to get the ball rolling.

Nana Nkrumah Adasa III, CEO of Abofrem Area Foundation, is currently visiting Ghana with the Most Beautiful USA in Africa winner for a charity project. Contest winner Laurie Fongwe from Cameroon and her third-place winner Angel Kisheedu from Ghana participated in a series of charity activities in Accra, Kumasi and the Cape Coast.

Empire Entertainment CEO Nat Kwabena Adishi (aka Bora Ray) was overjoyed when he met the US team, demonstrating his full commitment to the partnership.

According to information that has reached us, the concert will officially begin in February at the artist’s outdoor venue, and the event will take place in New York on April 28, 2023.

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