Meek Mill’s Phone Stolen, Begs For It To Be Returned

American rapper Meek Mill had his phone snatched by a street boy before the second day of an Afro Nation event.
Prior to the show, the rapper arrived in Ghana and was spotted hanging out with a few local bike guys. It looked like

But his happiness was short-lived when a sad event happened.The musician wailed angrily on his Instagram page after his iPhone was stolen. Meek pleaded with anyone who had the item to return it.

A series of videos that emerged while Meek was traveling to Afro Nation revealed that he was surrounded by bike-riding street kids before his cell phone was taken away.

Given his social status, Meek Mill’s annoyance makes sense.

Rumors of the incident first surfaced at 1 a.m., just before the concert. Following Meek Mill’s post on her Instagram, individuals on his social media reacted in various ways.

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