Cribs International Fires Back at The Therapist’s Lawsuit And Wild Allegations to The Label

Sierra Leone’s One-Stop-Shop Multimedia and Entertainment Company Cribs International, a one-stop-shop multimedia and entertainment company in Sierra Leone, announces that The Therapist is severing ties with record labels in a public notice dated December 30, 2022. reacted.

Earlier this year, Jacob Evangelista, professionally known as The Therapist, signed an entertainment deal with Cribs International, and has worked with the label ever since, although until recently both parties were bound by a binding contract. It indicated an unfriendly working environment.

Pursuant to the notice issued by Cribs International, we caution individuals and record labels to cease unknowingly collaborating with The Therapist. Jacob the Therapist responded with a snippet video on his Instagram handle sarcastically bashing the label.

As he recently announced, this hidden conflict between the therapist and his former record label has baffled the people of Sierra Leone as the reason for these misunderstandings and barbaric claims from both parties. Cribs International went on to say he had taken legal action against the label and its CEO, Sho Cole. NACK’ had gone rogue and violated his contract with the label.The label continues that the lawyer formally reminded the therapist of his contractual obligations and the consequences of violating the contract, which is valid and enforceable. rice field.

Crib is a therapist while the team recognizes the consequences of his actions on his music career and urges him to return to a label that continues to promote his music for their collective good and Sierra Leone. has begun to take action, continued.The High Court of Sierra Leone against our label and its CEO.

“The lawsuit has just begun in court and no judgment has been reached against anyone. We have taken legal advice and can confidently say that Cribs and the therapist have a valid and enforceable contract…” Cribs said Disappointed, I said.

In response to allegations of fraudulent misrepresentation, defamation, and undue influence, Cribbs has filed as strongly as possible all allegations of wrongdoing in his involvement with his alleged therapist, Jacob. Cribs goes on to say that he invested in The Therapist because he thought Jacob had talent and could serve as a stepping stone to showcase what Sierra Leone had to offer to the world of entertainment. Infamously threatening his career in infancy.

Since the therapist took Label to court, Label has met with their legal advisors to review the weight of the evidence they have, the strength of the case, and a team of highly qualified professional advisors who are grappling with the issue. I am confident.

Crib will ensure that Jacob will be fully defended and take appropriate action against anyone in any country who attempts to commit a breach of contract. It said it would seek full compensation for lost revenues and expenses owed to its professional advisors currently working on this matter.

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