6 Trendy Fade Haircuts for Men

Men are innocently beautiful. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, you can stop the show by simply getting dressed, having a clean shave, smelling, and getting a nice haircut like a fade on short hair.

Fade haircut is one of the trendiest haircuts for men. It’s a contemporary hairstyle that’s versatile enough to give you a minimalist yet classy look.

man with short hair wearing fade and nose ring

So whether you’re attending a business meeting or dating the love of your life, you need a fade cut. And to help you get started, you can find all the inspiration you need in this post.

What makes the fade haircut a must for men?

man wearing short hair with fade

A fade is a hairstyle that changes the length and color of the back and sides of the hair. In other words, haircuts have different lengths all blended together. Some are low, medium, or high.

tattooed man wearing short hair fade

From the 40’s to the 50’s, The US military had this hairstyle Before going to a black or Hispanic barbershop. And in the 90s, among celebrities such as Will Smith, this men’s hairstyle became part of pop culture.

Tattooed man with short hair and beard fading wearing earrings

This haircut is a low maintenance one. Once you wear it, you don’t need to go to the barber shop often. It is also useful for all kinds of occasions and occupations. No wonder so many men go for the fade.

Made with a faded cut and mustache

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a music star, actor, banker, tech buddy, lawyer, or writer. Fade short hair is the perfect cut for a classic man like you.

Does short hair fade look good on everyone?

Respectable man with faded cut and beard

Almost everyone, every head has a fade. This means it doesn’t look bad with the fade on.

Man with short hair fading and long beard

However, it all comes down to how skilled your barber is, how strong the taper of your fade is, and where the fade is on the back and sides of your head.

types of fade haircuts

Back view of a man with a fade cut

short hair low fade

boy rocking a fade with short hair

To reduce fading, keep your hair short and down the sides and back of your head. It goes through the bottom inch of your hair and evens out to other lengths.

Man with beard rocking a fade in short hair

A low fade is great if you don’t want a tight haircut but want to add transitions to the back and sides of your hair. You will need a barber touch every week.

taper fade

Man with cross tattoo and short hair rocking fade in waves

This type of fade is subtle. Lower than the low fade and the least jarring of all fade types. Here, this short hair fade is mostly around the neckline or sideburns.

Man rocking a fade in short hair with a beard

Men often wear this to fade their beards into their hairline or add something different to their hair.

scissor fade haircut

Man with scissors cutting a fade in short hair

As the name suggests, you achieve this haircut with scissors.

David Beckham fade haircut with beard with scissors

It’s perfect if you want a longer fade without looking like you just walked out of the barbershop.

short hair mid fade

A man with short hair wearing a mid-fade

Here, the back and sides of the hair are shaved right down to the skin. The mid-fade starts in the middle of the head, around the sides of the head.

side view of man wearing short hair mid fade

It is often above eyebrow level and prevents the head from appearing longer.

Classic fade for short hair

man wearing class fade with short hair

This cut tapers the hair towards the skin at the perimeter hairline.

Guys rocking short hair classic fades

Then, over the widest area of ​​the head, starting at the temples and ending at the bottom of the crown, increase by up to half an inch.

high fade

Side view of a man wearing high fades with short hair

In this style, most of the back of the hair is cut low and the front/top part is kept high.

tattooed man wearing high fade with short hair

Many black men want a high fade and it suits them well.

Other styles that fade on short hair

man wearing curly hair with fade

These six are not the only types of fade haircuts. These are basic fade styles available for men with short hair, but can be tweaked to create a variety of styles.

man wearing braided hair with fade

For example, you can wear all types of fades: crew cut, faux hawk, mohawk, low cut, dreads, braids, sporty waves, curls.

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