Mr Eazi On How He Invented The ‘Detty December’ Popular Phrase

Without a doubt, “Detty December” is the most commonly used word towards the end of the year, especially in African pop culture. It’s basically a party in December to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the new year.

But have you ever wondered where the term “Detty December” came from? Mr. Yeezy said to have invented

In 2016, Eazi released a track titled “”.Deti Yacef‘ was one of the songs that highlighted his move to Nigeria after building a fan base in Ghana. As he prepared to headline a concert in Lagos, initially called the “Happy Boy Concert”, it was his December, when Detty Yasef (ft. pfalz), he decided to hashtag his concert “Detty December.”And since then the term has been appropriated and widely used by Nigerians and Ghanaians. common between Nigerian IJGB (I Just Got Back) – A term used to describe Nigerians from the diaspora coming to spend their holidays in their home country.

In the second season of the podcast with his fiancé, Temi Otedra,”Where until?In the podcast, Eazi revealed how he invented Detty December and how he trademarked the term and made it official.

“I invented Detty December. but like december you’ve defiled yourself and i had that song Detty Yasef shootout with pfalz it’s the first in lagos like a headline concert It was going to be a concert, and I made a million out of it.We made billboards everywhere and hashtagged Detty December.So Detty December.But now it’s personal I don’t think it’s been a thing anymore, it’s just like December and I’ll be sending out bills soon to everyone who’s still using Detty December,” said Eazi.

“You could have trademarked it,” Temi said.

“I trademarked it,” Eazi replied.

“you have a?”

“Yeah, I trademarked it.”

“Now you really and legally own the term detty December. Positive or negative?” asked Temi.

“I own the term Detty December, but you may need to call a lawyer before loading this podcast. But I believe it’s already trademarked in some countries.” I am sure of that.”

Now we know who invented Detty December. It’s amazing how influential culture can be. Trends that started in 2016 globally is known.

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