‘I will not be cajoled into accepting polygamy’, wife rejects Yul Edochie’s public apology

Nollywood actor Yul Edchie Mei’s first wife has responded to a public apology asking for forgiveness after her second marriage to another actress, Judith Austin.

Mei told Yul on Friday on her Instagram page that she “will not be tricked into accepting polygamy.”

The actor wrote May an apology, admitting that he had seriously hurt her by taking a second wife, but polygamy wasn’t what he had planned.

He added that he didn’t marry Judith to hurt May, nor did he intend to disrespect or replace her.

“To reaffirm my position, I will not be tricked into accepting polygamy, which is contrary to my beliefs, faith and values.

“After a long pre-marital relationship, I can’t count on the home I started building with love, faith, tears, hope and prayers during my 18 years of Catholic marriage,” she wrote.

She also appealed to her actor husband to stop taking the issue, which she called a “circus show,” to social media.

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