DJ Azonto shuts down Kwashieman with “Azonto A Confirmie” concert 

It was an epic night of music as DJ Azonto hosted one of the biggest Christmas jams at Kwashieman Park last Sunday.

The “Azonto A Confirmie” concert, as it was dubbed, saw hundreds of music lovers experience the amazing songs of various artists.

The concert’s headline act, DJ Azonto, captivated the evening with his hits and interesting dance moves.

The fans who gathered at the venue were enthusiastic with songs such as “Wagashi”, “Ad Wale”, and “Kaba Bee Skirt”, but what made the fans dance crazy was the unstoppable “Fa Ne Fom”. was.

DJ Azonto showcased his incredible stage craft alongside Akola Kituwa, Abochi and more in a memorable concert.

The sensational Amapiano artist had Abochi sprayed with a lot of cash as he thrilled his turntable fans with several songs.

“I would like to thank all the fans who came to the concert. Next year we will bring some of Ghana’s top artists to Kwasiman, and I promise it will be a lot of fun,” said DJ Azonto.

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