Checkout Efia Odo’s Dressing To Blacko’s Concert That Got People Talking

Her provocative wardrobe choices have made Ephia Odeau headline headlines over the past two weeks, but she seems to have chosen to ignore the harsh criticism.

Officially known as Andrea Owusu, she wore a highly provocative outfit last night at the Black Sheriff’s Mozama disco concert at Accra’s La Palm Royal Beach. It made waves online again.

A video of the event, which captured the charming socialite dancing in a very tiny skirt and crop top to VIP’s “Ahomeka,” surfaced on social media, garnering a number of harsh remarks.

Efia Odo’s steamy thighs and some of her tummy and melons are very visible in this video.

Efia Odo has since gained public attention as a result of her fierce performance in a tiny jacket and fashionable short denim skirt.

Some on social media have criticized her for being a negative influence on young people and quickly becoming a burden on society.

Check out Effia Odo’s dressing below.

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