• Why can’t Nigeria come to the US?

This is a question we receive daily on this platform. Sierra Leone artists and comedians have been making big moves in the Nigerian entertainment industry lately. They work with them and do projects together. Some wonder why these Nigerian artists can’t come for our own artists, some even say they only come here to raise huge sums for their concerts. If you’re one of the people who asked this question, I’ll answer it now.

Most Nigerian artists are global stars. This means that they are no longer seen as Nigerian artists, but as global artists. Their influence is greater than that of Nigeria. We call them Nigerian artists because they are from Nigeria. Without Sierra Leone, these artists and comedians have absolutely nothing to lose.

But when you connect with them, you get a lot out of it. You benefit from his huge fan base and influence.It changes the way people see you. Tell me, do you want Kiz Daniel to come find Maurice D. Wonderboy? Morris knows Burna’s level and would rush to work with him if the opportunity presented itself.

worth. We always tell our artists that what captivates the world is the value they create.Value quickly turns into money and great opportunities. If you have created enough value then the world will come for you and the world will bring you money and endless opportunities. It’s about rushing to the people who produced them and profiting from them while you’re trying to grow.

We go to Nigeria not because our music is bad, but to connect and learn. We go to expand our audience (market). Wizkid and Davido know they are global superstars. You don’t have to come here to grow your market or add value to your career. They come to concerts and make huge amounts of money because they are at sales levels and are in high demand worldwide.

It feels like K-Man is bigger than Davido and Manzu is bigger than Wizkid 🤦‍♂️. You’re killing yourself instead of supporting yourself. You are lying to them and making them lazy. You are making them feel they have arrived. That’s how they relax, and their demand for music ends here. Tell them they’re doing well and encourage them to move there and connect with the rest of the world to grow bigger.

And as for the Nigerian artists who raise huge sums of money to play here, well worth it, they have worked for it. Can Kao Denero sell as many tickets as Burna Boy sells in Sierra Leone? Can Star Zee sell as many tickets as Tems sells here? Hmm? These artists can get paid this huge in Kenya, Ghana and other countries, but can your artists do the same? , must learn and grow. We believe we can get there. Nigeria Didd and Sierra Leone are also possible.

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