What to wear to an important Awards ceremony in Nairobi Kenya?

What are you wearing for the awards ceremony? Awards ceremonies are one of those events where you and your outfit can make the news.

Humans love winners. They give us hope to pursue our dreams and make them come true.

And when you’re hailed as a winner, it’s important to look and feel that way. So your awards outfit should not only be redeemable for his carpet, but it should also give you an adrenaline injection of confidence as you take the stage.

So let’s take a look at the awards ceremony power looks we’ve created for some kings in the past.

Our starting point is this glorious James Bond-like leather detail award-winning tuxedo. Bonifas Mwangi We tapped him to make him look very powerful for the Luxembourg Peace Prize he received.

This tuxedo has metal buttons to represent his country to the international crowd.

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