It’s Detty December on Spotify with new hub and essential playlists: Celebrating the cultural moment with help from Afrobeats DJs

Spotify has announced the Detty December hub to celebrate a cultural moment built around Ghana’s year-end party calendar. Streaming Her Leader enhances the experience each year with new playlists curated specifically for the season and takeovers by popular Afrobeat DJs. With Afrobeats being exported all over the world, Detty December has created her own mini-her culture for fans looking to experience the genre from the source..

“Spotify’s Detty December hub reflects our support for this cultural moment, creating a familiar atmosphere for Detty December regulars and newcomers alike,” said Benewaah Boateng, West Africa Editor at Spotify. said.

To celebrate, Spotify is releasing three new playlists.

– The Best of Detty December playlist showcases the top tracks that defined Detty December since 2016

– Recovery playlist contains songs to help you kick back and relax on your drive home from the club

– The NXT playlist, which will be streamed live in January 2023, will include local songs most likely to crossover to international audiences

The Detty December hub also features takeovers from Ghana’s Afrobeat DJ, Eff the DJ, Kojo Manuel, and Diaspora brother Blaq Pages.

Regarding the impact of Detty December, Eff The DJ said: From collaborations, investments, to concert line-ups, we’ve seen the impact of sound creation and adoption. Spaces are created for all kinds of people, no matter what kind of music they enjoy. ”

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