Shatta Wale Opens Up On What His Endless Controversies Have Costed Him

Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale has revealed that he has missed many opportunities due to his controversial nature.

According to the “On God” hitmaker, his reputation has dwindled in recent years, and his collaboration with Beyoncé has put him out of the hands of the music industry’s gatekeepers, who have been fighting tirelessly for success. “helped”.

“Cash Out” singer Sammy Flex testified that without Beyoncé, his reputation would have been even worse.

“I said, ‘We wanted to sign you, but you had this problem and your media people said this and that, and we should forget about it.’ I once met a company that said

Shatta Wale believes these organizations only hurt him by giving him the opportunity, but the hurt hurts others who would have benefited from the deal had he secured the contract. It has spread to all people in

“I keep telling people that I don’t think you’re hurting me, but you’re hurting us all. When I make money, I bring it to the table and We all enjoy it.

Shatta Wale added that it’s time for critics and the media to stop criticizing him negatively and focus on the good.

“So I think this[uncontrolled negative criticism]has to stop,” he added.

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