Spotify, Apple Music Remove R.Kelly’s Prison Album

Global music streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music have removed R. Kelly’s prison album ‘I Did It’. Former heavyweight American musician Robert Sylvester Kelly, popularly known as R. Kelly, is a sex offender who was convicted of racketeering and multiple sex crimes.

Reportedly, R. Kelly’s 13-song prison album includes “I Found Love,” “Good Old Days,”free key sensation‘ This reveals the many charges that have been leveled against him over the years.

R. Kelly is a sex offender convicted of racketeering and multiple sex crimes.

Kelly’s team has said that Kelly “has had intellectual property stolen from him,” and Sony Music, the company responsible for Kelly’s musical rights, said the album was temporarily and confidentially released. It has been published and shown to have been pirated.

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Sources say that some of the album’s tracks date back to 2018, but existed only on Soundcloud to this day. It’s unclear who was responsible for the release, but remember that in 2018 Spotify called on it to stop promoting his music after receiving allegations.

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