Burna Boy’s Music Video For ‘Whiskey’ Highlights Concerns Like Pollution And Sorrow. WATCH

Verna’s pan-African ethos is still very influential, and these ‘whiskey’ visuals are proof of that!

burna boy Earlier this week, we delivered a documentary-style visual accompanying one of his most moving singles from 2022’s fan-favorite album. “love, damini“, “whiskey

In a fascinating documentary, Burna Boy tells the themes of spirituality and reality interwoven with grief, sorrow, suffering, pain, death, resilience and hope. Burna Boy’s musical versatility is astounding, with his best songs fleshing out both the culture and the pivotal moments of his life.

The documentary begins with flashbacks to happy moments from 2021 when the Grammy winner visited his hometown of Port Harcourt after adding the Grammy to his list of honors. Little did they know, as they were celebrating the euphoria of joy and the coming of his next year, 2022, would witness the more dire circumstances and other ailments that would follow.

Produced “Whiskey” P2Jand the video was directed by Asaf Orsay.

Watch the documentary below.

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