Work With Smile Leads To Success: An Exclusive Beauty Business Interview With Sina Tsegazeab Founder Of Natna Natural Hair

Natna Hair, a well-known, high-quality hair distribution company based in Uganda, recently debuted its latest pieces as part of the launch of a new collection.
At a time when appearance and self-care are the norm, the brand is on a fast track to success, releasing products for men as well as women.
Some of the products highlighted in the company’s catalog are hair extensions and beard extensions for balding men.

I had the exclusive opportunity to speak with the company’s executive, Sina Tsegazeab. He explained what this new collection means to customers and why self-care and beauty are no longer a luxury, but a way of life.

Ahn Moonbi: What is Natna Natural Hair?

Sina Tsegazeb: Natna Hair is a brand that offers carefully selected human hair weaves, wigs, lace wigs, ponytails, closures, eyelashes and more.
All our products are made from 100% human hair with no plastics, fibers or synthetics.
You can wash it, dye it, paint it, set it, do it all.

morning: When and how did you enter the beauty industry?

ST: I started working in the cosmetics industry in 2013.
How I got into this business is a funny story. In short, buyers started complaining that items were not up to par and of poor quality after buying a good amount.
They were having a terrible time and started looking for someone to give them advice. While doing so, he remembered me, so I joined him and offered to help.

I used to knit a lot, so I had some knowledge. They then found the business difficult to manage and offered me an opportunity if I could take over.
We’ve taken over, rebranded, and now we’re here.

morning: What were you doing before founding Natna Hair?

ST: I am a student at Cavendish University and studied online marketing before starting my company.

AM: What inspired your journey?

ST: I always strive to be on top of my game.

AM: How would you describe your distinctive appearance?

ST: Appearance of a neat corporate office.

AM: How important are the ingredients in your hair care products?

ST: Just like food, nutritious food is necessary for our bodies and the same is true for hair and hair products.
The ingredients in your hair care products matter more than you realize.

AM: What hair care secrets would you like more people to know?

ST: Use natural treatments before washing your hair and be aware of your hair type’s requirements.

AM: How important do you think it is for people to take care of their hair regularly?

ST: Most people overlook the fact that taking care of your hair should be part of your routine, just like taking care of your skin and exercising.

AM: A client came in and asked for a style that he didn’t think would suit his face.
How do you respond?

ST: So in those situations, the first thing I do is tell them why it’s not ideal for them.​ Otherwise, I value their point of view.

AM: What kind of treatment would you recommend if your hair is damaged by overdoing it?

SM: They need to take a break from dyeing their hair before they can deeply condition their hair.

AM: What qualifications and licenses do you hold in areas related to hairstyling?

SM: I am a licensed hair technician (not a hair stylist) and am familiar with all the procedures, industrial processes involved in producing and collecting human hair from donors, how to distinguish different hair grades and which origin is best. I am familiar withdifferent styles, etc.
Professionals in this process are called hair technicians. I taught myself how to style, how to make wigs, and how to ventilate my hair.

AM: How do you keep track of current hairdressing trends?

SM: This is easier for me now that I understand how to start trends instead of just following them.

AM: Have you ever had a situation where a client wasn’t happy with the finished product?
If so, how did you handle the case?

SM: I’m not a hair stylist, so I can’t point it out specifically.

AM: Why should someone use your service or product?

SM: That’s a really nice question.
One is that customers receive excellent value for money, long-lasting products that help them maintain their appearance, and the best possible customer service.

AM: You started working in the beauty industry a few years ago, how has the industry changed?

SM: It has undergone many changes.
Being able to distinguish between many hair types and whether it is human hair makes our job easier.

AM: Do you have any plans to come up with a new product line?

SM: Oh yeah, it’s 80% done and will be launching soon.

AM: What is your brand philosophy?

SM: Always provide high-quality hair and products at reasonable prices, and provide customer service that satisfies customers through each relationship with the brand.

AM: Name the five most popular beauty products you use.


  • neutrogena scrub
  • dove hair conditioner
  • mac foundation studio fix
  • bio oil
  • ole sunscreen

AM: How long have you been in the hairline business?

SM: My brand started in 2015 and is now 7 years old.

AM: What are 5 beauty dos and don’ts?


Beauty to me is:

  • moisturizing
  • deep conditioning
  • Exercise
  • steam
  • scrub

On the other hand, the prohibited items are as follows.

  • bleaching
  • use cheap products
  • I wear heavy makeup everyday

AM: Does everyone look better with braided hair or wigs?

SM: Sure, everyone can look good in a weave.

AM: What do you do when you come to a show or shoot and the model’s hair is terrible?

SM: For photoshoots and shows, this can’t happen because we know what to do and we know the models have to come in a certain style as well.

AM: Beauty Instagram profiles have had a huge impact on the hair and beauty industry, but you make yourself very personal, how important are social platforms to you?

SM: Yes, Instagram influencers are no doubt growing in popularity, but it seemed more logical to do so, so I decided to promote my own brand instead.

AM: Where can readers find you and get in touch with you? (Provide Instagram, website, Facebook page, if any)

SM: You can follow @Natnahair on all platforms.

thank you very much

Content courtesy of natna natural hair & NFH

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