The Biggest Fashion Red Carpet Event In Africa: The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2022

The Abrianz Style and Fashion Awards have been a benchmark for the African fashion community for over six years. The award is renowned for its ability to identify, motivate and establish trends in honor of the global fashion agenda.

ASFA was launched in 2013 with the aim of recognizing and celebrating fashion and its close-knit community. 2020 and 2021 have been waived due to the global pandemic.

The Abrianz Style & Fashion Awards is an African fashion awards ceremony that honors members of the fashion industry, including fashion designers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, media professionals and national and international influencers.

Since the first ceremony in 2013, the event has been held in Uganda every year.
ASFAs is Africa’s biggest red carpet, a true fashion extravaganza, and a glamorous evening featuring top-notch attendees from across the continent.
Two trophies will be presented to both Ugandan and continental winners in all categories except the Lifetime/Style Fashion Icon Achievement Award.
The general public votes for the nominations, with the general public receiving 30% of the votes and the Awards Academy jury receiving the remaining 70%. The public voted online through social media and the official awards website.

  1. lifetime/style
  2. fashion icon
  3. Achievement Award
  4. Designer of the Year
  5. male model of the year
  6. female model of the year
  7. Men’s most stylish/dressed-up celebrities
  8. Female Most Stylish/Dressed Celebrities
  9. most stylish male artist
  10. most stylish female artist
  11. Most male-dressed media personalities
  12. Best Transvestite Media Personality
  13. Male Fashionista of the Year
  14. Female fashionista of the year
  15. hair stylist of the year
  16. Makeup Artist of the Year
  17. fashion
  18. photographer of the year
  19. Stylist of the Year
  20. Fashionable music video of the year
  21. fashion blogger of the year

2015: The annual Abrianz Style and Fashion Awards are born
A Ugandan arrives at Lugogo’s MTN Arena to attend the inaugural Fashion Awards event in Kampala. It is attended by many fashion enthusiasts, including the internationally renowned and renowned designer Oswald Boateng.

2016: ASFA’s ‘Dress for Success Campaign’ initiative endorses that ‘fashion can inspire and influence success’.
ASFA’s ‘Dress for Success Campaign’ initiative supports the proposition that ‘fashion can inspire and influence success’. The campaign is followed by testimonials from celebrities such as Radio and Weasel, Gorola Moses, and Zari.

2017: Her Royal Highness Princess of Toro Receives Lifetime Style and Fashion Icon Lifetime Achievement Award
Her Royal Highness Elizabeth Bagaya Nyabongo, Princess of the Kingdom of Toro, has been honored with the Lifetime Style and Fashion Icon Achievement Award for becoming the first black model and African to make history on the cover of Harper Bazaar .

2017: Abryants Style and Fashion Awards spread its wings to the rest of Africa
After three years of success, the Abryanz Style and fashion Awards have spread their wings to the rest of Africa as they expand across the continent. As the awards show gets bigger and better, it’s a show of sheer tenacity and solid growth.

2017: Her Royal Highness Queen of Buganda and Executive Director of Kampala grace ASFA
Her Royal Highness Queen Navagerekha Silvia Naginda of Buganda and Kampala’s Secretary General Jennifer Moussi proudly appear on the ASFA 2017 red carpet. These two powerful women and leaders of hers are one of her prominent guests who famously graced her ASFA’s Red He carpet.

fashion entrepreneur summit
Called the Fashionpreneur Summit, our annual interactive business workshop conference provides young fashion entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and connections they need to grow their companies. The summit’s main topic is how fashion and related businesses are impacting youth and the future of the economy.

Part of the Abrianz Style and Fashion Awards, this workshop brings together industry professionals in an interactive setting to discuss how to monetize, fund, market your brand, and manage your business with your project or business idea. , provides practical knowledge. finance, etc.

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, so each year’s panelists will differ based on the global challenges impacting the industry.

Why collaborate with the Abryaz Style and Fashion Awards
Young people (under the age of 26) make up 60% of the population in Africa, and 77% of the population is under the age of 30 in Uganda. These people are also the target market for Fashionpreneur Summit.
It is important that the younger generation prepares for the future.
Given that the fashion industry is expected to grow by 15-20% over the next few years and is the second largest sector of employment after agriculture, our goals are:

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