Bonang Matheba And Steve Madden Announce A Summertime Collaboration.

South African powerhouse Bonan Mateba celebrates the brand’s first African partnership with the launch of the Steve Madden Bonan Mateba Holiday Select Collection.
The partnership once again demonstrates Steve Madden’s trend-setting dominance as part of building the brand to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Africa.

Six shoe and two handbag designs make up the Bonin Mateba holiday collection. It best captures the fun spirit of South African summers from the perspective of a fashion star.

she said: Looking at the collection, which features the distinctive Bonin packaging, Bonin does a great job.

The line will debut at the launch of Steve Madden’s Spring/Summer collection on November 7, 2022, and will be available in stores and online on November 6, 2022.

The official debut of Steve Madden’s Spring/Summer collection and fashion show was an invitation-only event at the Zeitz Mocha Museum in Cape Town on November 7th.

Guests attended a sunset fashion presentation themed “Walk in Central Park” featuring Steve Madden’s just-released Spring/Summer 2022 collection and upcoming season’s footwear line.

Renowned American brand Steve Madden entered the South African retail scene in 2013, opening its first African store at Fourways in Johannesburg. Currently, it has grown to have 14 stores nationwide. But local team members are aiming for market share in Africa, and Steve Madden has expanded the reach to include Namibia, in line with a growth strategy of exposure through strategic locations on the continent.

Country Manager Michelle de Fonseca said at the launch that the brand’s focus will be on online products shipped across Africa and independent stores in selected locations in key African markets. By the end of 2023, she plans to have 20 independent stores, as part of the company’s “goal to continue its successful retail expansion,” the spokesperson added.

De Fonseca said of this season’s debuts and fashion shows: We set trends in the footwear, bags and accessories market, so we’re thrilled to be entering the men’s and women’s clothing space with the same edgy Steve Madden shoe trademark.

The Steve Madden Bonan Mateba Holiday Select Collection is the result of this season’s collaboration with South African giant Bonan Mateba and was unveiled at the latest footwear and clothing event fashion showcase. .

Tumelo Mmusi, marketing manager at Steve Madden SA, who came up with the partnership idea, called it “history in the making.” Steve Madden International partners with African talent for the first time, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to the South African and African markets.

Bonan chose a variety of holiday looks for the Steve Madden Bonan Mateba Holiday Select collection. According to Bonan, if anyone on the planet would work with a business, they would choose Steve Madden right.

Speaking about the relationship between the United States and South Africa, Ian Funk, president of international sales for the New York-based company, who attended the event in Cape Town, said: lie in front. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Bonan and eager to grow together and work our magic.

Lift Airlines, Home Suite Hotels, House of BNG, SoHo, and Mac Cosmetics are just a few of the big names that partnered with Steve Madden to launch.

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