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I met this cute guy once. He stole my heart at once, thanks to his facial hair. He was bearded enough with a beard I loved playing with and a distinctive mustache style that conjured up a sultry image every time I saw him.

Unfortunately we parted ways. But his facial hair still sticks in my memory. Perhaps that is what inspired me to explore this topic.

As a bearded man, it boosts your pride when women compliment your facial hair, whether it’s on your chin, cheeks, or upper lip area.

That’s probably why there are so many mustache styles for men. From slim to full and whatever you have, there’s no reason you can’t look your best while attracting (and keeping) the woman of your dreams.

Man with neck tattoo discovering mustache

The best part is that mustaches are making a comeback. If you want to jump on the trend or need some style inspiration to show off to your barber, you’ll find it all in this piece.

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Simple mustache style full body tattoo man

Let’s check them out.

What are the best mustache styles for dandy men

Man spotting handlebar mustache

In case you didn’t know, a mustache (the hair that grows above your upper lip) enhances your beauty.

They seemed to leave the trend a while back, but they’re back…not going anywhere this time around. It can also be a symbol of style and class.

If you’re looking to give yourself an exotic look, here are the best styles you can start with.

1. Pencil mustache

man spotting pencil mustache style

A slender yet sophisticated mustache style.

Michael B. Jordan spotted pencil mustache style and smile

It is a very thin strand of hair that adorns your upper lip and is suitable for any face shape, including chubby, oval and square faces.

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2. Parted pencil mustache

Man wearing parted pencil mustache style

This style grooms like a pencil.

Brad Pitt wearing a farewell pencil mustache style

The only difference is that the philtrum (the hollow above the upper lip) has a hard line, creating a center parting effect.

3. Handlebar mustache style

Man in glasses wearing handlebar mustache style

This style resembles a bicycle handle. It features long ends that curl. The handlebar mustache dates back to his 19th century. American Wild West figure European soldiers wore them during World War I.

Man in glasses wearing modern handlebar mustache style

The handlebars are a statement mustache style. Even if it’s not as popular as it used to be, it can still be rocked anytime, anywhere, even for occasions like fancy dress parties.

4. Chevron

Shaved man wearing chevron mustache style

This is one of the classic mustache styles for men. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a chevron and covers the entire upper lip.

Man wearing chevron mustache style

To keep your chevron mustache looking smooth, trim the hair over your upper lip and shave the rest of your face clean.

5. Horseshoe

Man with shaved beard wearing horseshoe mustache style

This facial hairstyle is similar to other mustaches, only that it has two long hair bars that point downward and extend toward the chin.

man with horseshoe mustache

These days, it features a slim cut with short ends and no facial hair on the upper lip despite the short ends.

6. Gunslinger Beard

Man wearing gunslinger beard mustache style

This style is a horseshoe mustache with sideburns.

Gunslinger beard mustache style man taking mirror selfie

It’s the type of mustache that evokes images of Old West men who wielded guns.

7. Anchor Beard

Johnny Depp Spotted Anchor Beard Mustache Style

It is a beard style that traces the jaw line and stays with a beard. David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and many other stars rock this mustache style.

Ikari beard is a stylish mustache style for the modern man. Give it a try or make it part of your signature style.

Man spotting anchor beard mustache style

We have the best stylish mustache styles for men. Need more information? Keep your eyes peeled for these styles we’ve curated for you:

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