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Truths Your Pastor Will Never Tell You

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There’s a saying that goes, “If you are scared of offending people, you can never be honest with them”! There’s also another one that says, “Some people want to remain fools only because the truth requires change”.

Well after realizing this system we exist under really wants to keep us ignorant with lies and emotional manipulation, dumbing down our senses and logic, thereby screwing our very perception of reality, I noticed the veils over my own eyes and chose to pull them down, while helping others to do the same, with no other tool but the TRUTH.

Those who know me well enough from my days as a Caribbean Journalist and Blogger, are already aware that Truth-Seeking (researching evidential facts) and Truth-Telling (sharing that information) are nothing new to me. I used my voice before to help enlighten people from every walk of life, even when some religious folks disliked it. I never painted myself to be a silent woman or some saint, because I was never afraid to call out bullshit whenever I saw it.

So when I finally rediscovered the True Path to Consciousness – an existence that was deliberately hidden especially from me and my African people for so long, where Re-lie-gion & Whitewashed His-Story have left us DEEPLY enslaved in the mind, body and spirit – that’s when I knew my Universal Energy had been preparing me all along for the ultimate mission in this Earth space.

This particular journey Back to our Conscious Nature has shown me that the TRUTH indeed sets you free and only offends those benefiting from the systematic lies or those drowning deep in their ignorance. But the people who understand the importance of Truth, no matter how hard it is to swallow, will always be grateful for the enlightenment that Truth brings.

So here’s some Truth that might piss you off, but if you’re smart enough to RESEARCH every bit of it, for as many times as you need to, you’ll surely awaken from the spells re-lie-gion has had us all under at some point in our Life. 🙋🏿‍♀️


🐑 Christianity and Islam did not become major religions by the quality of their truth, but by the quantity of their VIOLENCE. Eurasians came to a thriving Africa, particularly Kemet (present-day Egypt), to study our way of Life and saw how spiritually and culturally advanced we were. They then turned on us using various methods of trickery, the most successful being religious indoctrination that not only conquered our Holy Mother lands, but our Holy Spirits as well. They used missionaries and messengers to preach about Gods named Allah and Jesus and about a Heaven and Hell.

It was a ship bearing the name JESUS OF LUBECK aka ‘The Good Ship Jesus’ that was used to lure our Ancestors onto it, not realizing it would be their last time seeing their Motherland. Our Ancestors were then stripped of their families, names, languages, their natural resources and spiritual consciousness.

The Arabs enslaved our Ancestors for 700 years, beating their Muslim Sky-Daddy Allah & Muhammed into them, while the Europeans did the same for 400 years, beating their Christian Jesus & his Sky-Daddy into them! And after centuries of brutal brainwashing, Africans accept & defend these religions today that call Black People cursed devils, forgetting we had THEE Greatest Civilization on Earth, with an indigenous spiritual system that was only connected to the Energies in Nature and our Mind, Body and Soul!

Now we are so lost today as Africans that we don’t even bother seeking the Truth about our pre-colonial history and culture, because we fear imaginary saviours and flaming devils given to us by the same RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS that FOUNDED and FUNDED the SLAVE TRADES, the same folks that told us not to question the word of their God.

🐑 God is neither in the Sky, in your Church or in Israel or Saudi Arabia. God is the intelligent, conscious ENERGY you breathe in and out every second of every day. It’s the Divine Energy that some call Nature, Universe, Source, Creation, Spirit or The Most High. Whichever you choose to call it, just know that this ‘GOD’ is ME and YOU, individually and as a collective. Not a person or Sky creature and certainly nothing to be worshipped outside of your SELF.

But if you need a God to acknowledge, go LOOK IN THE MIRROR, look at the people you meet daily, close your eyes and look at your Ancestors, even the animals, the sun, moon and stars. Look at the ocean, the soil and the fruits you eat! There’s GOD-ENERGY in EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE! It is not separate from you. It is YOU!

So you don’t need to go through any fictitious characters named Jesus aka Serapis Christus, Allah or Muhammed or any pastor to get to the thing we call God, because God is Conscious Energy or Nature & nothing more.

🐑 The Bible has already been proven to be a work of fiction written by evil, greedy conquorers disguised as godly men. You only need to Research Constantine and the 325ce Council of Nicea ‘bishops’ who all came together to create the Bible, while using Constantine’s son Cesar Borgia’s face for the image of the fictional character named Jesus.

Every religious book on this planet was written by a human being just like YOU, not by some mysterious entity in the sky. There are copies of Ancient African texts and stories written in allegorical or symbolical form like the ones about Heru (Higher Consciousness/Good)and Seth (Lower Consciousness/Evil) found in “The Book Of The Dead”, that were stolen by those same Invaders and Conquorers, who then weaponized symbology as literal facts to gain power over those they enslaved, especially YOUR ANCESTORS who were Highly Spiritual or deeply Connected to the Divine Energy within and around them!

The Jesus character wasn’t even in the first set of bibles and the book of revelations wasn’t added until the fifth century. Ask your Pastor WHY?

And FYI: Ethiopia was part of the Great Nubia/Kush Civilization that gave Kemet its teachings, rooted in what we call AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY or Divine Consciousness of Nature, before they convinced us that this was the birthplace of the Bible and Christianity. ALL LIES!

🐑 The Sun God vs the Son of God- In the ENTIRE FIRST CENTURY of Christianity, there is no mention of anyone named Jesus, Yeshua, Yahweh in any versions of the Bible. And don’t tell me about Judaism or the Israelites because the 12 Tribes of Judah and 12 Disciples are just the 12 Constellations we go through each Age.and the 12 Cranial Nerves. Stolen Allegories! Symbolism, my people!

So massa Jesus wasn’t mentioned by a single Greek or Roman historian, any Islamic or Christian religious scholar, poet, politician or philosopher back then. NOT even ONE INSCRIPTION! WHY? Because Africans knew then that the SUN in the SKY was honored as a symbol of our Spiritual Light and God Consciousness and nothing more. Turn your Bible to Psalms 84:11, “For the LORD God is a SUN and shield.” Hmmm… 🤔 The bible creators must have forgotten to edit that part out. Oops!

🐑 The Adam and Eve Story is another allegory colonizers weaponized as a literal event. But Ancient texts speaks to Kundalini Energy Awakening inside of us, which was represented by a snake coiling around our Spirit or auric field and rising up through our chakras until it opens the door of our Pineal Gland. Science itself proves this to be true.

So Mr. Adam, just like all the biblical characters is FAKE and you didn’t inherit any sin from any Caucasian woman named Eve. YOU WERE BORN DIVINE in the image of your Carbon Melanated Magical Essence by the Mitochondrial Eve Gene Black WOMBman, with the ability to understand the Nature of your Higher SELF and Lower SELF, once your Consciousness expands with time and by practicing things like Mindfulness and Meditation.

More importantly, how could you descend from something that wasn’t even around for the millions of years your Ancestors were existing? A study of Neanderthal DNA already revealed that there was no white person on the face of this earth 8,000 year ago, not even 80k years. HOWEVER, while in Ethiopia, scientists discovered a human fossil that was carbon dated 2.3million years old and belonging to the Carbon Melanated BLACK race. They named her Lucy. RESEARCH IT!

So please understand that you came from no white person. The Adam & Eve Creation and Sin Story is a FALLACY in your mind! Erase it with quickness!

🐑 As I hinted above, the story of Jesus, even the Cruxifiction and the Holy Trinity, all existed thousands of years BEFORE Christianity and Islam. It’s just a concept circulated in different cultural religions under different names. Ask the people that invented the mythical gods Allah, Krishna, Attis, Adonis, Horus, Zeus, Odin, and Hercules. Same deception story using an imaginary martyr as a tool to keep people in bondage mentally and spiritually.

As I have always maintained, Christianity and Islam are two different sides of the same coin and people of African descent are still their casualty because we are comfortably hypnotized by false truths.

Our ancient teachings were KNOWN SYMBOLISM that elevated our Divine Mind, Body and Soul Energy, but your religion is an evil, weaponized, mind-controlling business they sell to you as some Sky-Daddy and Son experience.

🐑 There was a black man called Yeshua Ben Yosef whom many today believe is Black Jesus Yahweh. Well there’s neither a white saviour or a black one with any name, face or gender. Yeshua was just another Heroic Black Liberator like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sankara and Steve Biko, who did not like how white people were treating our Ancestors.

After he spoke out and encouraged Black People to rise up and take their freedom, they killed him and created this fake religious movement in his name to further confuse, brainwash and convince us that someone outside of our SELF was to be worshipped. Truth remains tho, Yeshua/Yahweh was no messiah or deity and never asked to be worshipped. He was a black brother like me and you who just wanted to see his people free, just like Haile Selassie.

So to my Rasta family especially, please stick to the message of Love, Unity and Freedom and let these men rest in Power. We’ve been through enough confusion already. Please and Thanks!

🐑 Heaven & Hell are conditions YOU create for your SELF. There’s no furnace under your feet or paradise above the clouds. You choose to do good or evil & then live with the consequences.

Hell as a concept is really an invention of converted pagan Greek Christians who tried to explain why the kingdom of heaven that this Jesus allegedly preached hadn’t come to be. People back then saw this character only as a failed prophet.

But even with this known fact, Africans especially still remain faithful to religion because we’re afraid of going to this non-existent pit of fire. Yes, FEAR OF HELL KEEPS US IN SUBMISSION MODE in this religious asylum!

Some of us can’t even imagine a Life where we are solely responsible for our Life. We want someone to blame when we fuck up instead of taking responsibility for our own actions and outcomes. Plus if we really understood that ENERGY CANNOT DIE, ONLY TRANSFORM, we’d stop allowing these religious scammers to sell us their bogus Afterlife Package and just commit to being a decent human so we can stay high vibrational, even as we crossover back to the cosmic dust.

So it’s time to grow up and hold your SELF accountable fam, because Hell & Heaven are only concepts just like Good and Evil. These energies all exist WITHIN us and our Ancient Ancestors understood this clearly, hence the reason they embraced their Higher SELF and Lower SELF, while keeping those energies in constant BALANCE! We can’t escape what is part of us, but we can use them for positivity or negativity; to rise up or stay down in this world of Duality. ⚖️

🐑 If religion is the only way one gets to this so-called Heaven above the clouds, then the Chinese, Indians and Athiests are doing very well, considering their all going to Hell. Right? Because they are not taught about Jesus, Allah or Satan’s existence, but many definitely subscribe to Higher Consciousness and Meditation and are all thriving better than us who are the creators of those spiritual or mindfulness practices.

While these folks are doing well without religion, Black People on the other hand, are still looking to the skies like zombies, waiting for the second coming, while the same Eurasians get ready to takeover more of Africa and the Caribbean.

🐑 Anything that is TRUTH has no issue with being QUESTIONED. So let’s think critically about some of the stories written in the Bible.

A favourite fairytale of mine will forever be Noah and the Ark. I find it truly fascinating that two penguins walked all the way from Antarctica to get on an ark built by a 500 year old man and that this supposedly ‘Loving’ God drowned the imperfect people HE created. I also find it concerning that this Sky-Daddy would threaten to sentence us to an eternity of fire for disobeying or not believing in him, when he refuses to provide unambiguous, tangible evidence of his existence and when Satan disobeyed him for the same ‘sins’ we commit daily, but was still given Freedom, even the position of CEO of Hell. Mek it mek sense please! 😩

🐑 We hate the reality of slavery that our Ancestors were forced into, but worship the SAME GODS who led their violent ‘messengers’ into Africa to start slave trades under the guise of religious redemption, while watching comfortably from the Sky as our Ancestors were raped and murdered and our lands pillaged.

Now here we are today sitting in poverty and waiting for a paradise in the sky, after we helped the same messengers of Allah and Jesus to build their Heaven on Earth, even funding the religious indoctrination program centuries later with our weekly tithes, offerings and our annual pilgrimages.

As I write this, tears fall from my eyes because we STILL fail to recognize that they did not take slaves or cursed people out of Africa, as the bible, talmud, and koran wants us to believe. They took Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Parents & Children & Spiritually Conscious Healers from the GREATEST CIVILIZATION in the world and turned them into slaves.

Even without the shackles in 2022, we are STILL slaves to these religions and their manipulation program. Why? Because we refuse to look outside the weaponized fairytale ‘Holy’ Books of Lies for the TRUTH that can help us to Love our SELF and each other again, to think critically & to better navigate our way through this system of trickery, towards thriving African Nations again.

So many of the colonizers have confessed that religion was the main tool used to keep Africa and Africans crippled. Former President of France Jacques René Chirac wrote, “We bled Africa for four and a half centuries. We looted their raw materials, then we told lies that Africans are good for nothing. In the name of religion we destroyed their cultures. And then after being made rich at their expense, we now steal their brains through miseducation, misdirection and misinformation as well as propaganda to prevent them from enacting African retribution against us.” Whewww!

With all this evidence presented to you, please, ah beg, stop confusing Spirituality and Religion. They have never been the same thing and will NEVER be. Religion is the weapon that was used to destroy our Nature or Divine Consciousness, but Spirituality is the original natural path for us to generate awareness of Truth, Elevation, Understanding, Balance, Peace and Love, so we can live deeply each moment of our life.

Having this spiritual dimension in our lives does not mean escaping Life or dwelling in a place of constant bliss outside this cruel world, but it helps us to rediscover the ways of handling Life’s difficulties so we too can create a more heavenly existence right here on Mother Earth without the enslaving religious indoctrination.

Until we understand that a person doesn’t need religion in order to be a righteous or decent human being, we’ll continue to be gatekeepers for our oppression. Until we recognize that the only true God is WITHIN us, we’ll continue to give our Divine God-Energy to nonsensical ideologies, identities and practices.

These are things your pastor or imam will NEVER tell you because he or she depends on you for a weekly, monthly or yearly salary…So even today, as your pastor boasts of winning souls, he is actually enslaving more souls through religious indoctrination.

My dear Queens and Kings, it’s time to set your Divine Energy free from the prison of religion. It’s time to emancipate your SELF from this mental slavery system. Your religious parents can’t do it for you, neither can your church or school or ANY imaginary Sky-Daddy, because they all fall under the deception and trickery programming.

So it’s up to YOU to Awaken your Mind to the Hidden Knowledge, Break the Shackles of Emotional & Illogical Reasoning & Return and Reclaim your Natural and Powerful African Spiritual Consciousness.

I often wish that I will live long enough to see more and more of us rising up and restoring Africa’s place in this world. But for now, may the TRUTH continue to set us FREE and raise our Divine Consciousness, for the sake of our Ancestors that fought for us to be here today, for the sake of our families and our children and for our communities across this world! Asé Isee. 🙏🏿

▪️I LOVE US SO MUCH ©️ #tashekathetruthseeker

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