African Fashion: Lagos Fashion Week 2022 Featured 5 Noteworthy Shows.

The African fashion market is expanding significantly. Evocative collections that highlight the brand’s aesthetic are released each season by the designer at the continent’s leading fashion hub.

The African fashion industry is taking the world by storm with events such as Lagos Fashion Week, Glitz Fashion Week and Hub of Africa Fashion Week. Lagos Fashion Week saw models walking the runways in outfits created by imaginative designers from across the continent.
For three glorious and beautiful days, fashion lovers from Nigeria and around the world flocked to Lagos, arguably Africa’s largest fashion hub, to celebrate the continent’s industry and receive the new season’s collections from designers.

Lagos Fashion Week 2022 came to an emotional conclusion with premiere parties, after-parties, public and private shows.

Some designers such as Dye Labs, Eki Kere, Sisiano, Iamisigo, Banke Kuku, Lagos Space Programme, Imad Eduso and Andrea Iyamah held private viewings off-site, while more than 30 established and up-and-coming A public exhibition of the designer was held. The designer took place at the Balmoral Hall of the Federal Palace Hotel on Victoria Island, Lagos.

Long braids, bold eyeliner, heavy makeup, afro hair, patch denim jackets and pants, corsets, long and short dresses, crop tops, cargo pants, high-soled boots, groups of two or three, bright Colored hairstyles and piercings, and staff peering through the lens for the camera-perfect shot are just some of the wacky looks we’ve seen.

The runway promised a completely different experience than street style and immersed culture. The designer has created his best ever collection of expertly designed suits, loose-fitting shirts his dresses, classic textiles, knits, tasseled purses and hand his beaded apparel. I had a discussion with some designers about the collection.

TJ eloquently spreads the gospel of luxury through clothing.
The company was founded and is creatively driven by the outstanding Taju Ibrahim. Its approach is grounded in structure, minimalism and sharp comfort, giving users a sense of subtle strength.
They used cotton-bonded scuba-like textiles, which are blends of cotton, polyester, and viscose materials, to create stunning designs for the SS/23 collection. It included subtle yet noticeable details in the sleeves, threads.

According to Ibrahim, “This collection is two years of refining, rethinking and revising experimental ideas, and this collection shows the world how many designs we’ve been working so hard on over the years. It was something.

In this collection, I maintained an avant-garde, sci-fi and timeless aesthetic, but also found a way to incorporate my African roots and the art of hand embroidery. They debuted in womenswear this season.

Ellie Quame
The Ivory Coast-based Elie Kuame womenswear brand bears his name. Since founding the company in 2016, Kuame has continued to release clothes powered by love and encouragement from the women in her life.
Most of his work is done by hand, and each piece is beautifully finished with a surge of love and joy. The designer has dressed up for royalty and graced the cover of Ghanaian magazine Debonair Afrik.

Inspired by African heritage, the Ellie Quameh brand’s SS/23 ‘This Is Couture’ collection is proof that the continent can produce more. Models marched in heavy, extravagant clothing and traditional hats worn by queens. There were also visible details such as hand beads, gold embellishments, and local materials.

“We aim to show through our roots what fashion is possible in Africa. All pieces are hand-beaded,” Kuame said. , we want to demonstrate that we can also meet international standards.”

Jermaine Blue
Based in Accra, Ghana, Jermaine Blue is a rapidly expanding menswear and womenswear brand. Jason Jermaine Ashidu started it in his 2015 to tell an insightful story about the African continent through the eyes of an African. The brand has since changed direction and graced the digital pages of publications such as Teen Vogue and iD.
The Jermaine Blue brand returns to Lagos Fashion Week this year with the Harmony collection, motivated by duality, fluidity and self-love. This collection is themed around calming, peaceful stories and travel.

According to Asiedu, this year, “we are being put into so many boxes by society that we forget who we are and are driven by tension, confusion, anxiety and emotions.” I’m sharing. I even understand.

This is our way of advising people to take a deep breath, relax, and not take things too seriously.
They interpreted this concept through concrete elements such as color explosions, design methodologies, and fabric choices.

Joseph O. Ike and Olamide E. Akindeinde founded the Nigerian company JZO. Taking advantage of their backgrounds and abilities, they are creating a new type of menswear company that adds quirky elements to African design. The work has a strong brand of his voice and is easily recognizable.
They build, then demolish, then rebuild.

The fabric selection is impeccable, the styling and silhouette are impeccable, always up-to-date and undeniably outstanding.

“We are not creating or illustrating our own African pantheon. What is God really to us?” says Ike. Interpretation, or the first in a series of stories along those lines.
what do they look like? Color schemes, drapes, shapes and everything else was considered to create this collection.

Rick Dusi
Luxury clothing brand Rick Dusi creates minimalist silhouettes. Their textile and color scheme choices are solely focused on the kind of story they want to tell and the source of their inspiration.
Founded by Eromosele Patrick Eidusi, the company has styled celebrities like two-time Grammy nominee and one-time winner Tim Kubart. He also contributes to the creation of some of our favorite fashion events such as Lagos Fashion Week and his GTBANK Fashion Weekend.

Rick Dusi delves into the creative director’s dark past to create the SS/23 collection, a symbol of hope and light. A few months before the collection debuted, the designer, who recently lost his father, created a look inspired by this event. These looks included brightly colored lipsticks, shimmery metallic and checked textiles, shimmery accessories and neckpieces, and bold makeup.

According to him, his collection was inspired by a dark past and a hopeful future. This is one of his reasons why I chose bright colors. It reminds us that we are not bound by the past and look forward to the future.

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