Fashion Designer David Tlale Accused of Sexually Abusing A Man

fashion designer david terrell

Fashion designer David Torrell has been accused A man who sexually abuses.

The claim was made by Instagram user Zack.

Zach took to Instagram and wrote a lengthy post about how he was allegedly sexually abused by a designer who allegedly disguised himself as a mentor.

“This man with ulterior motives approached me when I was 21 years old while working for AFI South Africa and we formed a friendship,” he said, as he began to talk about how and where they met.

He continued, “I was fascinated and inspired by him. He was a role model for me at the time, and to make a long story short, he drugged me and sexually abused me.” Plus exploited my skills during the pandemic. I did, but I didn’t actually do it.

“He later offered me a job as a PR & communications manager where I was most vulnerable. Cheating me 66% (I calculated) at the time I knew I was worth it. Continued using me I was literally gaining weight every day As a side effect of my depression medication he tried very hard to destroy my self esteem and confidence I did,” added Zach.

He concluded by saying that he vowed never to work in the fashion industry again because of the incident.

“After working for him for three months, I left his brand and vowed never to work in the fashion media industry again. My passion and my vacation.”

“It took me nearly two years to realize that I wasn’t worth it. To fully understand that it was in fact sexual assault. That I was taken advantage of and that my intentions were I was young and fragile, and ever since I realized this, I’ve been trying to develop unhealthy sleeping habits, but I didn’t tell anyone about it until this morning, when we became family. did.

He later claimed to have been contacted by the media, and he dragged them away, saying he didn’t enjoy it.

“Fuck the media reaching out. With love. I trust my voice and my truth. I don’t need a platform. I want my legal counsel. I’m getting heavy for that Tlale boy! If you want to help me, legal route qha (only).”

Continue his IG story. Zach continued to denounce the media. He then took pity on other young fashion designers who might be exposed to such things.

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