Congolese Singer, Fally Ipupa Sympathises With Families After Tragic Concert

Congolese artist Fary Ipupa has offered condolences to the families of the 11 who died during a concert at Kinshasa’s largest stadium on Saturday.

Congolese singer Fary Ipupa sympathizes with family after tragic concert

According to one observer, the stadium was overcrowded with a capacity of 80,000 people and even the corridors were crowded.

According to reports, the number of crowds far exceeded the ability of security guards to manage. Two police officers were among the dead.

Interior Minister Daniel Acero Okito called for the organizers to be punished for failing to limit the number of people attending performances.

Fally Ipupa says on Facebook That there was a “strict observance of safety” standards at the concert.

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He continues: May God comfort the hearts of the bereaved by his tender mercy. ”

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