Accra’s leading insurance company, Hollard Ghana, is headlining the 5th edition of Siisi Baidoo’s annual worship service, Splendor, to be held at the National Theater on Friday, November 18, 2022..

Beloved worship concerts are known for their elegant appearance and appropriate spiritual atmosphere that patrons will remember days after the event. Splendor started in his 2018. It has the sole purpose of attracting patrons from all walks of life, praising the Almighty in an atmosphere of worship and receiving the Spirit of God, who brings many to salvation each year.

It is on this very stage that many songs from Siisi’s recent album *Revelation* come to life.

Many lives have been blessed in Splendor’s first four-year journey. The theme of this year’s service is Azusa, and Siisi Baidoo hopes that Splendor will be the beginning of a new wave of revival. Revival close to God’s people! A revival that will live on for decades!

The good news is this, it’s *A FRIDAY!* in the heart of Accra, at the National Theater, run by Hollard Insurance, so *absolutely free*! South Africa, MOG, Reverend John Asbonten, Kofi Pepra, Be there to witness the ministry of the Pullen March from Alexander Avoisier, Luigi McLean and more.

So why not avoid the stress and traffic jams and join Siisi Baidoo and his team to worship and praise God’s goodness!

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