Black Women’s Wigs—The Types & Styles Available for You

Black women may not have long, flowing hair like white or Asian women, but they certainly have a hair type that is versatile enough to match any style. If they’re not wearing African braids, they rock their natural hair or wear trendy black women’s wigs.

And this did not start today.

Since ancient times, black women have always thought about wigs. Our relationship with wigs began in ancient Egypt.

At the time, this headdress was a status symbol that distinguished the upper and lower classes.

of course. You’ll see why I say that as we take a look at black women’s wigs and all their types in this article.

Why do black women love wigs?

black woman with blonde wig

There is a lot of flexibility in wearing wigs and black women in both Africa and the Diaspora, and I enjoy this.

For low cuts, for example, a wig allows you to wear your hair only when you need it. Life is so easy.

Wig braided on a stand

Plus, you save time spent in the salon. For example, on a bad hair day, instead of spending hours at the salon, start by braiding your natural hair into a few cornrows and wearing a wig.

Additionally, wigs are also a hairstyle that protects both natural and relaxed hair. will protect.

pink synthetic wig on mannequin

And the best part of it all? they are economical. With wigs in your hair collection, you don’t have to go to the salon multiple times every month. You can lock as many as you want without exceeding your initial investment.

types of wigs for black women

synthetic hair wig

Smiling woman wearing curly synthetic blond hair

A wig made of synthetic fibers. Before the advent of human hair weaving, most women, including A-list celebrities, wore synthetic fabrics.

However, as technology continues to advance, we’re seeing a major shift toward weaves that resemble real human hair.

human hair wig

Woman wearing a black human hair wig

Remember the question I asked at the beginning of this piece? Are wigs still a status symbol? Human hair wigs lend credence to my answer.

More than just a status symbol, these wigs exude class and enhance both the beauty and appearance of the woman who wears them. One reason is that they are expensive investments.

So if you can buy it without breaking the bank, increase your social ranking.

There are many types of human hair weaves used in making these wigs. For example, Bone Straight, Double Draw, Single Donor Hair, etc. Choose the one that fits your pocket and finish the wig with the style you like.

braided wig

braided wig on mannequin

As the name suggests, these types of wigs are made with attachment hair extensions that are braided into cornrows or box braids. increase. It also comes in a variety of styles, mostly featuring African braids.

We have a catalog of braided wigs. If this is the black women’s wig you want, check it out.

natural hair wig

Smiling black woman wearing wig with natural hair

This type of wig for black women looks like twisted hair with afro texture. If you’re not a naturalist but want to wear something kinky, they’re a great option. It is an artificial wig that does not look artificial even when worn by black women.

Natural hair wigs come in a variety of styles, including afro, ponytail, fluffy, and kinky.It can also be used as a clip-in to add volume to your natural hair.

black women wig styles

1. Cornrows

black cornrow wig on mannequin

Like the cornrows you attach to your hair, these wigs are perfect for framing your facial features.

You can either go up-style (shuk hairstyle) or go them all back. Yes, your wig will look great.

A pink cornrow wig on a wig stand

A pro tip is to use the feed-in technique on cornrow wigs. increase.

2. Pixie cut

Victoria Willie in a blonde pixie cut wig

This hairstyle is generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the crown. It comes with short bangs that add even more deets to its beauty.

Pretty woman wearing a pixie cut wig

You can make a pixie cut wig in your favorite color.

3. Bob

woman wearing red bob wig

If you don’t like your hair always getting in the way and you don’t want to go for a pixie cut, go for the bob length. Works with black women’s wigs.

woman wearing black bob wig

You can also add fringe to the front to give it that 2010s Nicki Minaj effect.

4. Blunt cut

Woman wearing a blonde blunt cut wig

A blunt cut wig is a straight wig with the same ends.

A blunt cut wig knitted on a mannequin

There are no layers and the wig maintains the same length throughout.

5. Curly

Pretty black woman wearing curly long wig

If you like to make a statement with your hair, you should invest in a curly wig. This wig for black women features loose ringlets, corkscrew curls, or tight spirals that bounce.

Pretty black woman wearing curly short wig

Curly wigs can be achieved by either weaving or braiding.And they can be of any length of your choice.

6. Smooth

Woman wearing brown sleek wig

Want something straight to the back with no waves or curls? Look for sleek wigs.

Pretty woman wearing black sleek wig

they are cute and classy.

7. Wavy

Pretty woman wearing long orange wavy wig

Or do you want curls that are neither curly nor straight? A wavy wig is your best bet.

Woman wearing long wavy wig

This style features a gentle spiral “S” shape that sits between straight and curly hair.

8. Box blade

Short Box Braided Wig on Mannequin

Love box braids but don’t want to spend hours at the salon? Would you like to make it into a wig?

box braid wig on mannequin

It can be a chunky box braid of any length you choose, a small one, or even a knotless braid. can also do.

9. Bold Colored Wigs

Boldly colored wigs on a wig stand

A distinctive feature of this style is its flashy colors. Create a wig with bold color extensions for any type or style of wig.

Woman wearing colorful wig

Brightly colored wigs are easy to stand out. They can be blonde, red, maroon, green, pink, purple, or ombre.

10. Wig with bangs

Woman wearing brown wig with bangs

These wigs have fringes in the front.

Woman wearing bblack rown wig with bangs

11. Dreadlock wig

dreadlocks wig on mannequin

Fake locks can also be made into reusable wigs.

black dreadlocks wig on mannequin

How to Care for Balck Women’s Wigs

How you maintain your wig will greatly affect its durability. So use these tips to make sure it lasts long enough to always help.

Various hair wigs on pink wig stand

Wig stand when not in use

Do not throw the wig away when you are not wearing it. Hang it on a wig stand or use a stand that can be nailed to the wall.

This will help shape the wig and prevent frizz.

wash well

When you wear a wig on your scalp, you know what it means. It will eventually get wet with sweat.

That’s not all.

Flying dust also clogs the wig and makes it dirty. Therefore, wigs need to be washed to keep them clean. To do this, use shampoo and conditioner. However, be careful not to pluck some braids or hair.

Don’t do heat style often

Heat-styling a wig can look great, but don’t do it too often so as not to shorten the life of the weave.

Therefore, human hair wigs are straightened or curled less often. However, if you do it regularly, use the equipment at low temperatures.

don’t overwear

I know it’s your wig But sometimes you have to give it a rest. If you wear it all the time, eventually the threads will start to fray, and your braids may become rough and your hair may fall out.

revamped when old

No matter how well a black woman’s wig is cared for, it will eventually get old. And when that happens, you don’t have to throw it in the trash or give it away.

You can rejuvenate its life by taking your old wig to a hair stylist for a makeover. They wash and moisturize the wig and remake it into a better one.

But if taking it to a stylist seems expensive, see our guide on how to improve an old weave.

It never gets old.

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