Spotify invests $100K into new Africa Podcast Fund initiative

Grant aims to support the careers of up-and-coming podcasters across the continent

With its launch in Africa, Spotify, the world’s leading streaming platform, has demonstrated its commitment to empowering the careers of African creators through support programs both on and off the platform. In line with this, the company has announced the Africa His Podcast Fund, the first podcast initiative on the continent, aimed at supporting podcasters and further amplifying their stories. The $100,000 fund aims to enhance the careers of these podcast creators through financial grants, workshops and networking opportunities.

The Africa Podcast Fund will be offered to select creators from African countries with the highest number of podcast listeners, including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. The grant also includes a Cameroonian podcast that has many listeners both in France and in French-speaking African countries such as Ivory Coast. Given the wide range of countries selected, the award-winning podcasts are recorded in a variety of languages ​​including Pidgin, English, French, Sheng, Ga and Twi.

The fund is managed by Africa Podfest, a Kenya-based company focused on inspiring and uplifting African podcasters by building a sustainable and inclusive podcasting industry across Africa. will be

“Africa Podfest is excited about the development of podcasting in Africa because it allows the voices of African minorities to tell the stories of Africa in this medium,” said co-director of Africa Podfest. One Melissa Mbugua said:

In alphabetical order by country, the 13 recipient podcasts are:


Entrepreneur, journalist and art collector Diane Audrey Ngako is the host of Si Maman M’avait Dit. In her podcast, Diane Audrey gives guests a voice and asks questions about the lessons she’s learned in navigating her life, career, and relationships.


Sincerely, Accra is Ghana’s popular podcast based on city life in the capital, Accra. Episodes alternate between Vox Pop and studio interviews and are primarily in English, with occasional blends of Pidgin, Twi and Ga. Hosted by Joseph Nti and produced by Kwame Asante, the podcast is fast-paced, colorful, and full of personality. A stimulating and diverse discussion based on current opinion and pop culture.


Sandwich Podcast, Kenya’s most-listened podcast, is hosted by four creators: Joan, Kibz, Nyamita and Owen. A mix of English, Swahili and Shen, the podcast’s topics are inspired by the life experiences of the hosts and the guests they cover.

The Messy In Between, hosted by Murugi Munyi and Lydia Mukami, explores love, money, work, life, first-hand advice, and everything that makes life just what it is. TMI provides a safe space for women to discuss their experiences openly.

Hosted by Kenyan creators Eli Mwenda and Oscar Koome, Mantalk.ke recognizes the need for male-led conversations on issues such as toxic masculinity, paternity, feminism, dating and self-care. The two hosts try to have an awkward conversation, even if it means putting themselves in place.

Naip Stories is hosted and narrated by Kenyan author, journalist and queer activist Kevin Mwachiro, who gives voice to written African short stories. Mwachilo provides a platform for African writers to hear their short stories.


One of Nigeria’s most popular podcasts, I Said What I Said, features Feyikemi Abudu, an entrepreneur excited to help small businesses grow, and a storyteller with a great interest in contemporary African culture. Hosted by Jola Ayeye of . Each week, they dive into the experience of Lagos Her Millennials and share their perspectives on what is currently happening in Nigerian society.

Tea With Tay is hosted by Nigerian content creator Taymesan and covers social issues and personal experiences in a fun, friendly and entertaining way. Taymesan welcomes celebrities and other guests and engages them in topical conversations that spotlight their unique and compelling stories.

F&S Uncensored covers music, pop culture and personal experiences. Hosted by Feyikemi Akin-Bankole and Simi Badiru, this podcast offers her commentary on trending pop culture topics and informed opinions on how these topics affect everyday Nigerians. doing.

South Africa

Hosted by Gugulethu Nyatsumba, After School Is After School with Sis GU aims to speak more openly and honestly about the battles Gugulethu continues to face in his twenties. Podcasts aim to foster a connection with their audience by sharing life lessons and encouraging emotional growth.

Hosted by Vusumzi Ngxande, the South African podcast The Journey Kwantu explores and questions issues of spirituality and identity in Africa. In each episode, Vusumzi engages guests in conversations and delves into some of the most complex issues of African faith.

Wisdom & Wellness with Mpoomy Ledwaba, hosted by content creator Mpoomy Ledwaba, aims to nurture connections with guests and inspire audiences through key conversations that touch on life lessons and personal journeys .

Convos & Cocktails with Lesego Tlhabi is a podcast hosted by a well-known South African satirist best known for the character Coconut Kells. Lesego’s podcast focuses on candid conversations about, “As black women, we want to, but often we don’t.”

Emerging independent podcasters with growing audiences selected as fund recipients with a focus on supporting podcasts that showcase different voices across different podcast formats, genders, languages ​​and content . Through initiatives like this, her Spotify goal of further platforming African creators on a global scale can be realized. This is the central goal of shifting the historically restricted view of storytelling out of and about the African continent.

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