Liberia’s Afrobeat Artiste Stunna Rebrands To “Stunn”

Liberian RNB, Afropop and Afrobeat artist Laurel Andymark George, known professionally as Stunna, has changed his stage name to the better-liked Stunn.

Stanna was affectionately called by his fans and supporters as part of his recent rebranding, so changing his name from Stanna to Stan was a great way to pursue his musical journey as planned. He said it was one of the bold steps taken.

According to him, most of the factors under this new name change have to have more to do with his musical profession and where he is taking his music to the international level, stating: says. n’) instead of a stunner”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to go with Stunn because it’s the best fit for my next musical phase. Plus, I realize that Stunn is very normal. I mean, my next musical phase is going to be very normal,” he continued.

RNB’s hitmaker is a principal member of Aeg Group and managing partner of the 50/50 Entertainment record label. The CEO is Barcolleh Poronpyae, popularly known as Pumpaye. He takes music to international level.

He received a great deal of accolades from Ghanaian-Dutch artist Smallgod for promoting him as Liberia’s next biggest music star.

Stan is one of Liberia’s favorite musicians and has won several awards including RNB Artist of the Year 2018 (Tunes Liberia), MLMA Afropop Artist of the Year 2020 and MLMA Video of the Year 2021. .

He’s making waves across the continent with a string of hits, including “Baby Oh, Mr. Right, and For Life” and his latest track, “Green Light.”

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