Knock Knock Liberia and Mansa Production Set to Release a Gripping New Movie Titled: EVIL LIVES HERE

International Liberian actress Colt Davis has entered the film industry after completing a major film project titled ‘Evil Lives Here’, which is set to open at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town Monrovia on November 18, 2022. asked for further assistance.

The film stars Colt Davis, Sekou M. Sirleaf, Artamar Thompson, George E. DayoCollins, Duke Murphy Dennis, Nasera Love Kamara, Musa Sheriff and was written and written by Colt Davis. I was the director.

“Evil Lives Here” with Log-line: (You’ll regret it if you don’t watch your back) A captivating tale of a wealthy eldest daughter putting up with her arrogant sister while running the family business.

Sister Eva decides to make an unimaginable decision, decides sister Rhoda is unhealthy for the family business, and goes to great lengths to thwart her sister’s outrageous plans for the company and family.

Actress Colt said the lack of support from government and private institutions has been a major obstacle to the growth and improvement of the Liberian film industry.

She said even financial institutions were willing to lend to film production companies based on fears that the money would not come back.

“The current state of the film business in this country is that Liberian films are not getting attention because there is not much support from the government and private institutions. No, because they can’t trust us to give their money back due to lack of support from our own people who think our films aren’t good enough. .

Colt said it was her vision for the Liberian film industry to gain recognition in the global film market and attract foreign investors to invest in the industry, but such a dream would not be possible without support. I warned you it wouldn’t work.

“I love to see Liberian filmmakers make money from their hard work rather than just making friends and fans and achieving more than the famous ‘well done’ trophy here.” It’s my greatest wish.

Commenting on the most difficult parts of making the film, Colt cited lack of financial support, power and location as the main reasons for the challenges faced.

“Power shortages were one of our biggest challenges. We had to use generators to power our lights and other equipment, which cost us a lot of money to complete the project. Location was another challenge, as most people in Liberia are not interested in filmmaking or the business side of filmmaking and find it difficult to open up their homes and places of business to filmmakers,” she said. continued.

Talking about what viewers should expect from her new film, Korto promised a complete transformation and satisfaction of Liberian cinema. It starts with excellent picture and sound quality, clean and clear Liberian diction/English, professional acting and best of all excellent story her lines. very educational and funny.

Amid these challenges, Korto says her production company will not waver in producing excellent educational films to give Liberia a face in the global film market.

“But we at KKLMansa Productions will not give up. We will continue to make good films as independent filmmakers until the world knows us and our actors and actresses are well paid for their talent.” Most young people who run into politics have a choice thinking it’s the only job they can make money with.

“Young people who run into the ghetto thinking smoking is the only thing they do after school start thinking about doing things for money rather than smoking for free and ruining their future. The goal is to create jobs through filmmaking within the next few days,” she concluded. Source: FPA Online.

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