The Newest Collection From Natna Hair was Unveiled In Kampala, Uganda

Natna Hair, a Uganda-based hair product distributor and renowned for producing quality products, unveiled its latest product at its Kampala studio earlier this week.
At a press conference held at Prism Plaza last Tuesday, Sales Manager Sina Tsegazeab introduced a new line of products called Unique by Natna.

She explained that her goal with this collection was to create something that was not just unique, but something an everyday woman could wear during a press conference.

Part of the creative process with the team was curating something different from the previous ponytail pieces. That’s when I started looking for possible ideas, which led to the birth of this collection, says Sina. “The manufacturing process for the Unique by Natna hairline was an 18-month process,” she says.

She goes on to say that the collection, which includes 31 different styles in 5 main textures, has a human touch and top-notch durability.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with unlimited affordable everyday hair options. Comes with easy installation options for.

The occasion was attended by members of the media, brand supporters and celebrities from the Ugandan fashion industry. Model his manager Joram Job Muzira praised the newly launched hairline.

Advances of this kind help Uganda’s fashion and beauty industry reach the heights it has to rise to.Joram says this collection is no exception and Natna Hair is a line of beautiful, superior quality hair accessories. It is known.
Customers can now purchase the Unique by Natna hair collection at the company’s studio at Prism Plaza, Kampala Road.

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