Foxwood Festival Returns With Purpose in Johannesburg

Foxwood Festival is entering its eighth year to celebrate the arts and bring love and kindness to the forefront.

Festival organizer Peter De Vos says the founding of Foxwood Festival was more than an inspiration. Middle of Creative Theater His market-oriented and popular productions are paramount, but works exploring new norms and shifting boundaries had no safe standing room.

“Apart from the desire to create an alternative theater, I also wanted to present works that could not be measured by commercial success. he said.

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Rejuvenation is an integral part of the Foxwood Festival, offering visitors something new each year.

“A novel approach is, after all, part of the ‘old’ definition. Initially, we focused on food, but the market for food shows was squeezed by endless food productions everywhere we looked: the internet, TV, and magazines. Thanks to the support of funding and sponsorships, we started the online production,” says de Vos.

The Foxwood Festival is about love and human kindness from October 21-30.

Under this apt theme for the 8th Annual Foxwood Festival, held at a boutique venue in Houghton, Johannesburg, festival creators and organizers Jean Gronewald and de Vos invite visitors to a feast of art in all its forms and forms. ready to entertain. It emphasizes love and human kindness.

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“In times of conflict, struggle, strife and war in our warring world, hope and love, outreach and unity are desperately needed on all fronts. There is a decision to celebrate: from theatre, the creative arts and music, together with a special festive presentation in Afrikaans, will be a solid foundation for future planning and building for the health and protection of our cultural heritage.” explains De Vos.

Festival-goers can enjoy visual arts, theatrical performances, preservation library unveilings, literary presentations, and more.

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