Africa Fashion And Design Week 2022Featured Designers From 11 Countries

At the recently concluded 2022 Africa Fashion and Design Week, designers from 11 countries, including Nigeria, showcased a range of distinctive designs (AFDW).

After 10 successful years, the event celebrated its 10th anniversary with a number of events including the Business of Fashion Seminar, the Blue Pearl Rising Star Competition and the runway show on October 14th and 15th. 2022.
According to Queengold African Fashion Design Week Founder Daniela Sequibo, the event has expanded to include Business of Fashion Seminars to build foundational competencies.
“As the big designers prosper, we hope that a new generation will take over. One of the brands we develop is the Fashion Seminar business.

What we do is nurture the younger generation, help them understand basic fashion ideals, and support their growth.
According to her, the Blue Pearl Rising Star program seeks out and introduces up-and-coming designers.

She revealed that in addition to exhibiting her work at AFDW, the designer has also been given a travel sponsorship to New York. It is a joy and a joy for us to have and help them grow and to have them become great names and winners.”

With the theme of “Imagine, Inspire and Spark”, this year’s event gave attendees the opportunity to learn about AFDW’s history, find inspiration and ignite their passion for design success.

“We want to motivate these designers because we recognize the important signs that the fashion industry is bringing to our country.

“Nigeria has designers and supermodels from Africa and the UK. This year, designers from 11 African countries, including Nigeria, have appeared. There were fashion business conference presenters from all the major countries that hosted the

She outlined how Africa Fashion and Design Week was established with the aim of highlighting Africa and presenting it in the best possible light.

“I do a lot in New York as a fashion lover.
I have to explain to them that there are many other countries, with diverse cultures, large populations, and very imaginative ones. As a result, Africa Fashion and Design Week was established.

“We wanted to tell our story in a unique way, highlight the creativity of African designers around the world, and provide a place to showcase our skills, connect with each other and celebrate success in the fashion business. It is.
“We traveled from Lagos to Los Angeles, New York, Nairobi and Accra.
Our runway saw the debut of some of the biggest names in the African fashion industry.

Content provided: business day & NFH

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