37 Amazing Feed-in Braids Styles Ruling the Hair Sphere

Would you believe me if I told you that every woman who likes to braid her hair has tried braid styles?

Head over to Instagram or Pinterest and search for this hairstyle. I have lots of pictures to prove my point. The feed-in braid is one of the trendy hairstyles that won’t disappear from the beauty scene anytime soon. If you were thinking of going for it, this post is the go-ahead you need.

You will look as gorgeous as you want. But first, we need to learn more about this hairstyle. Who knows, there may be some cons that may not suit you. You also need a reservoir of inspiration. And if that makes sense to you, dive in.

What is a feed-in braid hairstyle?

Pretty woman wearing feed-in braid hairstyle

when you hear the word “feed in” What’s crossing your mind? Add or insert something in succession, right? you are not wrong That’s how this hairstyle works.

You should add extensions from scratch when braiding. Your hairstylist will start by braiding your natural hair, then add hair extensions in smaller sizes, increasing in size as you continue to braid. This allows you to add length and volume (or thickness) to your braid while enhancing its beauty.

Backhead view of feed-in braid hairstyle

Also, the feed-in technology prevents the edges from becoming overly taut. And most braids achieved this way come as cornrows. We’ll look at some of them as we go along. For now, let’s know more about this hairstyle.

Is the feed-in blade difficult to install?

Side view of woman wearing feed-in braid style

This largely depends on the person braiding the hair.

If your hairstylist puts too much pressure on your scalp or your braid is too tight, the process becomes painful.

Side view of woman wearing feed-in beaded hairstyle

However, you can do your part by telling your stylist not to tighten the ends or braids too tightly. See our guide on how to ease your pain.

How long do feed-in blades last?

Woman wearing a rugged feed-in blade

If your hair is relaxed, these braids will last up to 3-4 weeks.

Wears a rugged feed-in blade

This is because when your hair is relaxed, it will grow longer and your natural hair will take longer to pop out of your braids. It doesn’t take long to get there.

However, all this depends on how you maintain your braid.

What do I need to install the Feed-in Braids style?

Make a feed-in blade at the salon

This hairstyle is an attachment hairstyle, so you need synthetic hair extensions to achieve can go for either Pre-stretched or unstretched attachmentAlways use colors that work for you, regardless of the brand or type of attachment.

So if you don’t want black or brown, try gold, dark green, maroon, silver, blue, etc.

Are feed-in blades versatile?

Rear view of feed-in blade style

Of course it is!

If you want to wear a protective hairstyle, try this hairstyle.It comes in various sizes, lengths and colors. As you will soon see, there are also different styles.

Gorgeous feed-in braid styles for you

Woman wearing feed-in braid at salon

If you’re looking for a great new style that will protect your hair for the time being, try these creative and beautiful braid hairstyles.

1. Ghana weave

Woman in face mask wearing ghanaian braids

This cornrow hairstyle involves putting in braids to make them longer and fuller. Gradually, the middle becomes much thicker and fuller as you add hair extensions until the ends taper.

Woman wearing ghana weave

If this is what you want to go for, we have a guide on Ghanaian braids. Check it out to find more style inspiration.

2. Sew the braid

woman wearing braids

This style is different from other feed-in hairstyles. how?

See each cornrow in the photo above and below.Can you see the intentional spaces and dividing lines between the folds? That’s what makes it stitch!

Tattooed woman wearing stitched braids

It takes time to achieve this hairstyle, but stitched braids are so cool. The space from the split lines always adds detail to the hair.

3.Bead feed-in blade

Woman wearing short beaded feed-in braid style

This involves using beads to decorate your hair when you’re done.

Woman wearing beaded feed-in braid

As with all accessory outfits, feed-in hairstyles look more beautiful when adorned with beads.

4. Colorful braids

Woman wearing purple feed-in braid

Don’t want to rock your black hairstyle? Use light-colored hair extensions to achieve any type of feed-in braid style.

Woman wearing colorful feed-in braid style

You look good regardless.

5. Ponytail feed-in cornrows

woman wearing braided ponytail

This style is an up style.widely known as inn Nigerian hairstyle.

woman with shuk hairstyle

If you like this option, you’ll definitely love the other styles we’ve curated in our guide to braided ponytails.

6. All back

Woman wearing all-back cornrows

As the name suggests, it is a style that continues to the back. Most feed-in cornrows are like this.

It’s a great option if you want to show off your forehead while keeping your hair out of your face.

7. Side swoop feed-in cornrows

Woman wearing sideways feed-in cornrows

Don’t want to take all your braids back? Why not fly sideways instead?

Cute woman wearing sideways feed-in cornrows

In contrast to regular cornrows, it adds an accent to your outfit while enhancing its beauty.

8. Long feed-in style

Woman wearing long feed-in hairstyle

Want to grow your hair length from your back to your waist? If so, you’ll love long braids.

Back view of a woman wearing a long feed-in hairstyle

Imagine your braids flowing down your back as you move. Yeah, it’s just a peek at how gorgeous you’ll look if you go for this style.

9. Short or medium

Woman wearing medium feed-in hairstyle

If you want to keep it understated or don’t want to use more hair extensions, keep your braids short or medium length.

Tattooed woman wearing medium feed-in hairstyle

10. Curly

Woman wearing curly feed-in hairstyle

You can also spice it up by curling the ends of the braid.

Victoria Willie wearing long curly feed-in hairstyle

Whether you have long, short, or medium braids, curling the ends will make your hair look even more beautiful.

11. Braids with styled edges

Side view of woman wearing braids with styled edges

Another way to spice things up is to use the edge control to position the edges.

Front view of woman wearing braids with styled edges

Even if the hair becomes dry, the baby’s hair will curl, so you can keep your hair beautiful forever.

12.Designed feed-in blade

Woman wearing design feed-in braid

Adding some spice to your hair isn’t just about curling ends, laying edges, and adding beads.

Woman wearing love design feed-in braid

13. Braids without knots

Woman wearing red braids without knots

Did you know that knotless box braids also use the feed-in technique? And that’s why they are among the feed-in braid hairstyles.

To achieve this style, the hair stylist first braids the natural hair into small pieces, then braids and adds extensions.

Woman wearing knotless braids

So if you don’t want to use cornrows, choose a knotless box braid.

Wear a feed-in braid and take care of your natural hair too

Smiling woman wearing gold and brown braid hairstyle

Don’t forget to moisturize your scalp while doing your braids. Also, if you don’t want your hair to get frizzy too soon, wear a silk or satin bonnet to sleep, or use a silk pillowcase.

Woman wearing black and white feed-in braid hairstyle

Above all, don’t wear these braids for too long. If you do, you risk losing your healthy, natural hair to breakage or other hair ailments.

Woman on road wearing feed-in braid hairstyle

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