African Fashion: Chicago Fashion Week Honored African Fashion Pioneers

As we get closer to Chicago Fashion Week, we are rewarding outstanding people who have made significant contributions to the fashion business.

One of them is Lexy Mojo-Eyes, CEO of Legendary Gold Limited and African Design Evangelist.
He will receive this special award at the International Arts Awards Gala and Fashion Week in Chicago, Illinois, June 30-July 3, 2022.
The International Arts Awards Gala and Fashion Week will feature Al Nisa Designs, owned by African-American fashion designer Carmin Muhammad, who is also the driving force behind Women Working Together Inc.

Los Angeles native Muhammad rose to fame after an essay titled ‘Woman in a pink hijab stole the show at Turin Fashion Week’ went viral. .

To honor the pioneers who paved the way for up-and-coming designers from diverse backgrounds, Modesto Fashion Week will bring together 25 international designers and 80 models under the theme of ‘fashion’. . Ambassador for world peace. ”

Mojo-Eyes is honored for its significant contributions to the African fashion business over the past 30 years. This contribution has put the industry in the spotlight in no small part and has earned it fame and support on a global scale.

Africa’s first fashion entrepreneur and promoter, he has been at the forefront of promoting African fashion for three decades, evolving his vision to make Africa a global fashion capital.

After 30 years of pushing the boundaries of African design, increasing its inclusivity and global recognition, the latest emergence of African fashion continues to be a magnet of attraction, attracting many to its It motivates and captivates to connect with beauty and originality.
Time has passed, but Mojo-Eyes’ unwavering promotion of African design has not stopped pilgrims from the Sahel to the savannas and rainforests to travel the numerous trade routes to attend the fair. .

He made groundbreaking contributions to the African fashion business, elevating him to a position of authority and respect. The African fashion industry should encourage designers to explore the rich culturally-embedded specificity to safeguard fashion on the African continent towards global visibility, inclusiveness and economic viability. It is best known for driving its core values ​​by:

The African fashion industry should encourage designers to explore the rich culturally-embedded specificity to safeguard fashion on the African continent towards global visibility, inclusiveness and economic viability. It is best known for driving its core values ​​by:
In 1997, the fashion promoter also launched Nigeria’s first major fashion event, the Nigeria Fashion Show.
Since then, it has continued with annual editions.

Providing the first national forum for Nigerian designers to showcase their abilities, the show stimulated this awareness by requiring participating designers to use only local fabrics and accessories when creating their collections. Did.

When the Nigerian Fashion Show debuted on the global stage in Paris in 2000, Mojo-Eyes brought 10 of the country’s top designers. From there, fashion shows have moved to Milan, London, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Washington DC, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Sydney, Perth, Tokyo, Cape Town, Shanghai, and an endless list of other cities.

In an effort to further push the boundaries of what is possible in Nigerian fashion, Mojo-Eyes has come to the attention of the federal government and through the late Sheikh Stella Obasanjo (Mrs. ‘s goals and endorsed the initiative. She later served as the initiative’s grand patron and was a frequent attendee.

Recognizing the special relationship between fashion and modeling, Mojo-Eyes has given young Africans the opportunity to pursue fulfilling careers in modeling.
To provide opportunities for young Nigerian women wishing to pursue an international modeling career, Mojo-Eyes signed a franchise agreement with Paris Fashion TV in December 2003 to create the Nigerian Model Awards.

The fashion mogul’s desire to offer new opportunities to young Nigerian girls led him to a new deal with Ford Models in New York in 2004. Girls have a chance to win modeling contracts worth over $500,000.
It is instructive to realize that through these means, the lives of many young girls are being changed, with positive ripple effects that resonate with the international Sustainable Development Goals.

Mojo-Eyes was appointed by the federal government in 2005 through the Ministry of Information and Communication to produce a fashion show as part of the Heart of Africa project in recognition of the value he brought to the fashion industry. He has successfully completed these missions in Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, Paris and London.

Mojo-Eyes was appointed in 2009 as the sole African on the Board of the World Fashion Organization, furthering his stellar achievements and beneficial influence on African fashion. This appointment is made possible by his invaluable contribution to the expansion and development of the fashion industry on the African continent.

His notable contributions to the African continent’s fashion industry ranged from giving the textile, apparel and fashion sector a prominent spotlight, to being at the heart of its commercial nerve, driving investment and giving the sector a real impetus. is opening up economic prospects that provide

At the request of AFREXIM Bank through Folio Communication, Mojo-Eyes was selected to organize an event for African creative industries at the first intra-African trade fair in Cairo, Egypt. The event featured fashion, music, film and art. It provided creative industry consulting services for the African Union’s participation in the 2020 Dubai World Expo and is currently advising the United Nations on Africa’s creative economy.

For many years Legendary Gold Limited has been at the forefront of promoting African designers and creatives in the African fashion industry. Africa’s leading fashion promotion company with an impressive array of influential designers sustaining creativity and economic opportunity at annual events such as the Nigerian Fashion Show, Nigerian Fashion Week, Nigerian Fashion Awards and Nigerian Models. is affected by the brain of Awards, and Legendary Gold Limited Awards.

To raise awareness, Mojo-Eyes has not only organized and participated in large intercontinental fashion exhibitions in cities such as Milan, New York, Paris, Dubai and the UK, but has also created a digitally savvy population. rice field.

Since 2013, Mojo – Eyes through The African Fashion Reception has partnered with the African Union and UNESCO to globalize African fashion designers and businesses to bring greater prosperity to the continent.

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