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In the rainy season and winter, I always change my clothes. For example, if you like to wear short-sleeved or sleeveless tops on sunny days, long-sleeved shirts and layers will be your go-to outfit when it’s cold. If it’s a measure, you’ll find yourself opting for waterproof shoes.

pair of waterproof boots

This is because water can do a lot of damage to your shoes. And if you spend most of your time outdoors, investing in waterproof shoes can help keep them safe and sound.

one leg waterproof shoe

Sound like something you’d like to try? of course! That’s why you’re on this page in the first place. So let’s learn more about these shoes and how to make other shoes waterproof in the rainy season.

Reasons to wear waterproof shoes

Wear waterproof material over your shoes

All men’s and women’s footwear that is impervious to water and liquids is waterproof. These shoes are a must if you work outdoors in wet conditions for long periods of time, especially in the rain and snow.

They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Some are small and flat, like tennis shoes, running shoes, and other exercise equipment, while others are knee-high boots.

rain boots

A common example of this type of shoe is rain boots. We all know that rain boots are your go-to shoe in wet conditions. But if you don’t have one, you can always invest in other waterproof shoes and enjoy these perks.

walk in water without worrying about shoes

It’s waterproof, so your shoes won’t get wet even if your feet are submerged in water. This means that your shoes will allow you to walk comfortably in rain, puddles, or wet environments without damaging your shoes.

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keep your feet dry

This applies to waterproof boots and sports equipment. No matter how wet your feet are, your feet will always be warm and dry in these comfortable waterproof boots.

keep feet warm in winter

You know that when winter comes, it’s cold and it snows. Well, with these shoes, you don’t have to worry about cold feet in winter. It protects your feet from the cold snow when you go outside and keeps you warm.

What are waterproof shoes made of?

timberland waterproof shoe feet

Most waterproof shoes are made from materials such as:

  • rubber
  • neoprene
  • vinyl
  • Nylon
  • Polyurethane

What is the difference between waterproof boots and water resistant boots?

waterproof shoes

Waterproof shoes are completely impervious to water, while waterproof shoes are to some extent impermeable. Water-resistant shoes will not be damaged by a little splash, but they will get wet easily if they are submerged in water for a long time.

Here’s an easy way to spot the differences:

Man wearing waterproof sneakers underwater

some shoes IP Rating (Intrusion Protection) 6 and above are waterproof, not waterproof. Therefore, if it has a lower IP rating, it is water resistant. And when it’s high, it’s waterproof.

Before buying waterproof shoes, check the IP rating and don’t buy waterproof shoes unknowingly. It’s not always easy to know, but if you do your research, you can find out how your shoes rank on the IP scale.

Additionally, while the aforementioned materials are used to make waterproof shoes, water-resistant shoes are usually made from naturally water-resistant materials such as leather, nylon, or suede.

Additionally, waterproof footwear is more breathable than waterproof footwear. However, there are some exceptions.

For example, manufacturers of waterproof sports gear sometimes use it. gore-tex technology, Highly breathable waterproof membrane. They may also install vents in their shoes to allow air to pass through them while protecting them from water and dust.

types of waterproof shoes

black waterproof shoes

Ready to invest in this footwear but not sure which one to choose? Look for one of these, but make sure it’s waterproof.

  1. rain boots
  2. crocs
  3. mule
  4. sandals
  5. chukka boots
  6. running sneakers
  7. rubber ballet shoes
  8. Hiking boots/shoes etc.

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Leading brand of waterproof shoes

black waterproof shoes

If you want the best value for your money, you should invest in a brand that guarantees it. please give me.

  1. Nike
  2. basque
  3. Asics
  4. Merrell
  5. Saucony
  6. allbirds
  7. Columbia
  8. Adidas
  9. The North Face
  10. new balance
  11. Hoka Oneone
  12. echo
  13. Salomon
  14. on
  15. arc’teryx
  16. cold wall

how to make shoes waterproof

how to make shoes waterproof

If you don’t want to buy new waterproof shoes, you can use one of the following methods to make your regular shoes waterproof.

1. Use waterproof spray

use waterproof spray

Most footwear materials come with a spray. So choose one that fits your shoes and use it to make it waterproof.

But be aware that there are many waterproof spray brands on the market. and helps prevent mold, mildew, and other water-related damage.

Once you have the spray in hand, hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from the shoe and spray it on all areas of the shoe where moisture can get in. Hang your shoes while you spray if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. .

Additionally, shoes such as nubuck and suede may require multiple spray coatings to be waterproof. So if you apply multiple coats, give each coat time to absorb before applying the next.

And when you’re done with that, gently wipe off the excess spray with a hand towel or microfiber cloth.

Once you’ve sprayed your shoes until you’re satisfied, let them dry overnight. Don’t try to speed things up by using a hair dryer or an open flame. Let your shoes dry naturally to avoid ruining your efforts.

Above all, remember to reapply the waterproof spray after a few uses.Unlike wax, the spray doesn’t last long enough for multiple wears.

2. Waterproof with beeswax

waterproof with beeswax

You can use colorless beeswax or candles to do this. Method is as follows.

After cleaning and drying the shoe, test the wax on an inconspicuous area to make sure it is clean.

After the test, rub the wax all over the shoe. Focus on the toes, heels, sidewalls, and laces where water can easily get in.

If the wax accumulates on your shoes, it will discolor them. However, you can remove the tarnish by using a hair dryer to melt the wax at a high temperature. Do this until the visible wax disappears and becomes one with the shoe to block moisture.

You can use colorless or off-white wax for this. They are discreet and easily coordinated with the material and color of the shoe. However, if you are using colored wax, make sure it matches the color of your shoes.

3. Wear waterproof shoe covers

wear waterproof shoe covers

These shoe covers are made of waterproof materials such as rubber, silicone, and nylon. Make sure your shoes are easy to put on after you put them on and no water damage to your shoes.

How to take care of your waterproof for a long time

In my Timberland boots in the thaw

No matter how much you invest in these shoes, or waterproof your regular shoes, they won’t last long if you don’t take care of them, especially in rainy and snowy weather.

How do you take care of your shoes?

Detailed information on how to care for shoes during the rainy season. Check it out and use the tips we shared in the article.

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