Faithvonic Teaming With Hipco Icon Takun J, PCK for Club Banger, ‘Badway’

Since the release of her freshman EP ‘Rich with you’, Faith Terryson aka ‘Faithvonic’ has been highly hyped about her upcoming musical endeavors.

Her latest, Badway, featuring Hipco icons Takun J and PCK, is an up-tempo, fast-paced ode to love, regret and worry about how the world feels. It chronicles the lives of two obsessed lovers.

Faith Terryson aka “Faithvonic”

“I wanted to make a song that everyone could relate to.

Touted as one of Liberia’s top recording artists today, Faithvonic has joined many of her peers by focusing on music that makes people happy through her creativity and soulful voice on the Badway stand. is drawing the line.

For Faithvonic, Takun J’s collaboration with PCK showcases some of the best that Hipco’s music has to offer citizens, Liberia and the world at large.

“There’s so much that we’ve been through in Liberia, and I hope my song will reach its target audience and become the number one love song of the year,” she continued.

Faith Vonic and Takun J

When asked about what Liberian should expect from the upcoming EP, Faithvonic replied:

“After the tour, we want to expand our seafood brand by next year, so we are also exploring African culture to attract more attention from the market,” she said.

Meanwhile, future artist PCK on the upcoming EP said: We hope she continues to put more of her energy into what she does to become one of the best players in Liberia, both locally and internationally. “


Takun J, one of the Hipco Kings of Liberia, explained that it was exciting to work with Faithvonic on the song, and her creativity and talent are a big sign of what the future holds for her. He said yes and added: For her anytime, anywhere. I look forward to working with her on more music projects. “

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