DFW 2022 Themed “Celebrating Culture & Fabric Manipulation”: How Delight Fashion Week Unfolded at Delight Tailoring Fashion Design School In Nairobi

Delight Fashion Week (DFW) is one of Kenya’s biggest fashion events.
Held each October, the event celebrates the collection of up-and-coming Kenyan fashion designers and models and showcases them to the world. This year’s theme was “Celebrating Culture and Fabric Manipulation”.
DFW is also a celebrity hotspot and has been spotted attending the runways for inspiration. Aziza Hashim Co-sponsored Jemima Nampiris
This year, DFW in October ran from October 3rd to 7th. With more than 50,000 mentions of him online during the event, this year’s Delight Fashion Week is the most talked about since 2020.

designer & model

A total of 60 students attended Delight Fashion Week 2022, exhibiting and modeling one item from each design.
The list of student designers from the Delight Fashion and Design Tailoring School, who debuted their collection on October 7, 2022, is the list of designers and models below.

Delight Fashion Week 2022: Student one-piece presentation by category.

Designer & Model Group A
1. Rose Alinda
2. Joyce Mwangi (Mudafa)
3. Stansy Nora
4. Juventus Awor
5. Sharon Murrich
6. Joynaga
7. Janis Koki
8. Jelia Mohamed
9. Emelda Akiney

Designer & Model Group B
1. Lucy Danu
2. Janet Nyapela
3. Stacy Agnes
4. Stacy Jane
5. Regina Wosaya
6. Saraphina Julius
7. Ashley Nerea
8. Silvia Nduta

Designer & Model Group C
1. Moline Oloma
2. Mercy Gagar
3. Thearesia Kirika
4. Amy Mubinya
5. Rosemary Munguti
6. Olew Nadupoy
7. Gladys Wambui
8. Cynthia Kimaiga

Designer & Model Group D
1. Grace Weissera
2. Celine Sanwa
3. Mukami Tecla
4. Keziah Gisinji
5. Jacqueline Arrivizda
6. Sephora Narva
7. Mercy Wangoi
8. Grace Baraka

Designer & Model Group E
1. Sandra Calama
2. Amina Arif
3. Triza Acott
4. Nyanden Priscilla
5. Vicky Mummo
6. Elizabeth Adew McQuack
7. Jedina Nyarinda
8. Stella Amway

Designer & Model Group F
1. Lucy N’Goro
2. Nibor Marie
3. Maggie Kibe
4. Maureen Akiney
5. Silvia Mwagongo
6. Joyce Chepkoril
7. Joyce Kinucia
8. Rispa Musembe
Designer & Model Group G
1. Richard Mwangi
2. Samuel Poiza
3. Peter Kariuki
4. Abdinol
5. Sammy Finest
6. David Dimba
7. Jebet Twitte

Miriam Kanama talks about sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and ‘recycling’ The collection by Demitou Torje, Raissa Ipollo and Brenda Lemama focuses on East African culture.

The focus of Joyce Wanja and Brenda Mwendwa’s collection was global culture.

Invited guest designer

Crochet is made by Stickning Creations, and bamboo and bottle caps are made by Ottyman Arts (Dan).

celebrity guest.

  1. Carol Nga Founder and creative of Crafts With Meaning.
  2. Ashok Sunny CEO and Founder of Ashok Sunny Tailored.
  3. Lucy Rao Founder and creative designer of Rialto Fashions.
  4. Mercy Wilson Director of the JW Show.
  5. Bright star or CEO of Star Tailored Design.
  6. Bevern Oguk CEO and creative designer of BOGUK.
  7. Musa Oyo Founder of Terra Models Management Mombasa.
  8. Lloyd Boshir Founder of Entrepreneur Fashion Week.
  9. Branis Mayenga Head of Membership Services, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce.
  10. innocent cartoon Pre-the-Beauty PALOUR Director.

round up
As with most live events such as Delight Fashion Week, online discussions are always lively.
Brands can benefit from providing coverage of live events in order to gain exposure in the widely publicized conversation.
Additionally, influencer marketing is more popular than ever. By leveraging influencers with a passionate fanbase, brands can increase the impact of their campaigns to reach a much wider audience.

Don’t miss the next Delight Fashion Week, October 13-19, 2023.

About Delight Tailoring Fashion & Design School
The Peak of Sartorial Excellence: The Peak of Sartorial Excellence: The Peaking the Next Generation of Elite Tailors, the best standard for training Tailers We aim to protect, promote and extend the value of tailoring.
For those wishing to acquire the advanced knowledge, expertise and experience necessary to work in reputable tailoring companies around the world, or for those wishing to start their own business, the school offers an excellent opportunity. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to find satisfying work in the tailoring industry.

Additionally, the school offers group masterclasses and professional workshops, ideal for those wishing to improve their tailoring abilities in a particular area.

The school’s curriculum emphasizes the ancient techniques of handcrafting soft structures as well as form-fitting cuts and fittings for style, elegance and comfort. Offered by highly educated master tailors.
For inquiries, please call +254 722 533 771.

Content Courtesy: Delight Fashion Week & NFH

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