Oxlade Gets Candid On The Pandemic And Being Co-signed By Drake

As the singer shares his sentiments the moment Drake recognizes him, the stars continue to align in Oxlade’s favor, becoming the star he’s meant to be..

Nigerian singer and fast-growing global act Oxlade opened up about the moment Drake recognized and acknowledged his artistry, co-signed and shared the sentiment of the moment.

Oxlade spoke with the media personality of British radio network Capital Extra to discuss the moment Drake posted him during the coronavirus pandemic and how it reaffirms his passion for music. We talked about how it helped. Oxlade said. After seeing Drake’s post, I know it’s still your time. According to Oxlade, the pandemic affected the release of his away single and he was discouraged, but for him, it helped him stop second-guessing himself, by God. It was one of those unique moments defined.

This informative moment dates back to November 2020. Drake posted a screenshot on his Instagram Stories Apple Music of him playing Oxlade’s Away, and Oxlade himself later shared that the idiosyncratic action earned him 3 million streams. . Away was his lead single from his Oxlade debut EP Oxygene, released in March 2020.

See Oxlade’s candid statement below.

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