US$1M Proposed For Entertainment In Liberia

The Love Weah Movies Production completed the internationally accepted series and called on the national government through the National Assembly to allocate $1 million to the national budget for the country’s entertainment industry.

The post-set production screw ensures that the allocated funds should be used specifically for film production and the establishment of film academies in the country as part of the government’s efforts to ensure job creation and income generation. said it should.

The production industry is owned by the renowned Liberian-based international actress Love Weah Gray. The series, named “Boss Chicks,” was produced and directed by Love Weah and Tarr “Jay U Boye” Woryonwon, so it took place in Monrovia on Tuesday, October 4, before its official premiere on December 25. I was teased at a press conference. Photographed by Gardea Menyor.

During the event, the group’s producer and director, Tha D. Warrior Wong, said that the series is about how desperation for money and luxury drives them into fake lives, tricking victims into falling in love, and all Revealed that it features three beautiful Liberian women milking St.

He said drama and betrayal would ensue leading to disaster and ruining their relationship. Our series Boss Chicks was filmed to not only entertain you, but to remove the narrative that Liberian cinema has no future. ”

Woryonwon stressed that the film was made to dispel the negative perception that Liberian cinema is not useful in the country’s rebuilding process, stressing that the country’s film industry needs to boost its economy. He stressed that appropriate opportunities and attention should be provided. Not just by the government, but by other benevolent organizations and philanthropists in the country.

He further explained that any country’s film industry can help improve its economy, and Liberia is no exception, as more jobs will be created if investments are made in the entertainment industry, especially in film production in Liberia. indicates that Liberia will become an attractive destination for tourists if the necessary support is provided to film companies operating in the country through budget allocations.

“Our series Boss Chicks is fun, but it also focuses on tourist attractions. There were attractions that even some Liberians at home and abroad were unaware of. It highlights the important role Liberian cinema can play in revitalizing the land.

However, Aurica Synder, one of the winners of the first Big Brabee Liberia reality show, and comedian Paul Flomo are also featured in the series.

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