How to Style Coordinated Sets Even if You’ve Never Worn One 

Let’s be frank. Dressing up is hard work. You need to choose the best shirt to match your pants. And when you finally find something nice, another dilemma arises: which shoes and accessories go well together? What if it’s easier? What if everything was decided instead of worrying about which top to wear? That’s what the tuning set is for.

As the name suggests, Fashion Coordinator will coordinate your outfit. This type of clothing puts you under the stress of what to wear underneath. You just have to get one and focus on the shoes and accessories it pairs with.

However, just because coordinating sets are easy to rock doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to look stunning.

A man wearing an orange coordinated set

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about coordinated sets, including how to style them.

Let’s dive in.

What is a coordinated set?

man rocking print coordinate set outfit

Coordinating sets are matching outfits. That is, both the trousers, shorts, or skirt and the top or jacket are made of the same color fabric or print.

These pieces are designed to be worn together. But what makes them even more special is that either the top or bottom can be locked with another piece if you don’t want to wear both pieces together.

Woman wearing sunglasses and colorful coordinating outfit

Matching sets are primarily offered as two piece outfits such as activewear, loungewear and pantsuits. Some matching suits come as 3 pieces (skirt/pants, vest and jacket).

Reasons for wearing coordination

man in white shirt and two piece suit

The 2 piece set is a convenient addition to any wardrobe. People wear them for many reasons. Three of them are:

A woman wearing a blazer and pants


Woman wearing coordinating set ankara costume

Coordinated sets come in a variety of styles. The biggest attraction is that there is always a coordinate that matches your fashion style.

If you want to create a chic and professional look, a pantsuit is the perfect match. Opt for denim-on-denim, tracksuits, cargo pants and jackets, or hoodies and sweatpants to complement your streetwear look. Whether you want to wear an afrocentric, ankara two piece, senator wear, or adile coord, we are there for you.

Men in coordinated streetwear outfits

What’s more, the matching styles the set offers are endless. Some have striking details such as ruffles, pleats, mixed prints, busy prints and statement sleeves.

as you can see. The variation of the matching set is second to none.


man wearing two-piece shirt and shorts

When you buy a two-piece, you can buy thousands at once. all right. Enough exaggeration. But here are my drifts:

Coordinated sets offer even more possibilities from just two outfits. If you’re tired of wearing both together, wear them separately for a change of mood.

Woman in Kente two-piece costume

This goes without saying that you can wear the top with jeans or a skirt, and the skirt/pants with another top.


Woman in coordinated set outfit

As mentioned in the introduction of this work, the coordinating set makes dressing up easy and fun.

man in ankara shirt and shorts

You already know what constitutes the main part of your outfit.You don’t even have to worry about matching colors or prints. Everything is decided for you. Choose both, choose accessories.

How to look classy and chic with a coordinating set

1. Rock as an ensemble

man wearing coordinating set beachwear

You don’t have to buy two-piece clothes if you don’t wear them together. In fact, this should be first on your to-do list.

Victoria Willie wears a coordinating set of outfits with sunglasses and a handbag.

Wear your set to the event as long as it suits the occasion.

2. Choose the most suitable shoes

Father and son in matching senator costumes

The shoes you wear to match your outfit will vary depending on the occasion and the style of your outfit.

A woman wearing a blazer and shorts

For example, if you’re heading to work, a luncheon, a wedding, the red carpet, or church, shoes like oxfords, heels, loafers, and ballerina flats look great. However, if you’re wearing casual or athleisure attire, feel free to rock sandals, flip-flops, palm slippers, sneakers, or other casual footwear.

3. Layers of detail

A woman wearing a jacket over a two-piece outfit

If the top of your matching set is cropped or sleeveless, layer it with a jacket, blazer, kimono, sweater, or whatever outerwear you need.

man wearing three piece suit

You can enjoy different ways to wear the same clothes.

4. Wear the coordinating set separately

Woman wearing black top and printed pants

Why not pair your top with another skirt or pants? Or a jacket instead? no problem. Use it for layers such as jeans, T-shirts, dresses, and miniskirts.

Woman in blue shirt and striped polka-dot pants

And pants?Nice shirt with collar, crop top, or t-shirt. When it comes to styling your outfits individually, your options are limitless. So go for it.

5. Accessories like never before

A woman wearing a blazer top and a miniskirt

Our pro tip for accessorizing a coordinated set is to always add one statement piece to your outfit. This can be handbags, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, or even footwear.

A man wearing a shirt and matching shorts

Accessories always change your look, and coordination is no exception.

6. Arrange your hair

nice haired man in suit

Whether you want to rock the latest haircut, or wear long hairstyles, butterfly braids, cornrows, or African braids, try it.

Nice haired woman in coordinated set outfit

Any beautiful hairstyle looks great in a coordinated set. Make sure it is properly groomed to fit your face.

Pretty woman wearing matching headwear and coordinating set

Feel free to save this page for when you rock your new two-piece set.

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