40 Gorgeous Butterfly Braids Every Black Girl Should Wear

One of the characteristics of African braids is their versatility. Just when you think you’re tired of cornrows and box braids, you realize there’s so much you haven’t tried yet. And most often these new ones are variations on the basic braid.

This hairstyle is derived from the box braid. Most often it is a combination of knotless braids, another variation of box braids.

So you can see they are all intertwined. But do you know what’s special? It’s the fact that each subspecies has distinct characteristics that make them unique.

Woman wearing black butterfly braid with double buns

Butterfly braids are one of the braids that dominate the hair scene.A curly look that transforms the usual braids into a must-have this season (or any other).

If it’s time to wear a new hairstyle, try these braids.Have you decided to do it already? very!

So let’s learn more about this hairstyle and see some style inspirations you can choose from.

What is Butterfly Blaze?

Back view of woman wearing butterfly braid

alias braids of passion, butterfly passion blade, Knotless Butterfly BraidAlso passion butterfly braidthis hairstyle looks like a regular box braid.

Here’s how it works:

The hair stylist uses attachment hair extensions of any color to make the hair into thick curly braids. They incorporate free water wave braided hair into the strands to give it a fluffy look.

A shy woman with a butterfly braid

Butterfly Passion Braid is a beautiful attached hairstyle. They are protective hairstyles that require little maintenance.

If you don’t want braided options, you can opt for butterfly locks.You can look as beautiful as you want to be.

What kind of hair is suitable for passion braiding?

A woman wearing a butterfly braid and sitting on a chair

Any type of hair can achieve this hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if your hair is relaxed hair or natural hair. Curly hair type doesn’t matter either.

Shampoo and style your hair before your appointment, and your hairdresser will give you a beautiful hairstyle.

How long does the Passion Butterfly Blaze last?

Woman with butterfly braid wearing face mask

These braids last up to about 4-6 weeks. It all depends on how well you take care of yourself.

What type of extension is used for the Butterfly Passion Blaze?

back view of woman with red butterfly braid

The best extensions for butterfly braid hairstyles are attachments. It doesn’t matter which color attachment you use to achieve them. And if you don’t want to spend time developing attachment, pre-stretch extension.

Ready to use as soon as you remove it from the pack.

Woman wearing orange butterfly braid

In addition to the attachment extensions, you will also need Fleetless Water Wave Hair to create curls around the Butterfly Box Braid.

How many packs of extensions are needed for Passion Butterfly Blaze?

Side view of woman with butterfly braid

This depends on the length and size of the passion braid hairstyle you want to achieve.

If you want something long and dense, you should use two packs of hair. But if your hair isn’t full and you want thin, long braids, a pack of pre-stretched extensions will work. There is likely to be.

How to care for attached knotless butterfly blades

Pretty woman wearing long black butterfly braid

1. Sleep with a satin bonnet

Pretty woman wearing a bonnet in her butterfly braid

A satin or silk bonnet will help retain moisture on your head.

Wearing it before bed will make the braid last longer.

2. Apply oil to the scalp

Pretty woman wearing colorful nails and butterfly braid

Apply hair cream or natural oil for hair growth to prevent the scalp from becoming dry and itchy.

This keeps your hair moisturized and lustrous even when you rock it.

3. Don’t overdo it

Smiling woman wearing black butterfly braid

Doing this can lead to hair breakage. It can also weaken your natural hairline and lead to loss around the edges.

So give your braids a rest. Manipulate them into ponytails, half ups half downs, double buns, donuts, updos and more.

4. Use hairspray

Woman wearing butterfly braid on bun

Hairspray adds shine to the braids. Use them to keep your braids shiny, especially when they no longer look like new.

But don’t overdo this to avoid clogging your scalp pores with product buildup.

types of butterfly braid hairstyles

jumbo butterfly blade

Smiling woman wearing jumbo butterfly blade

These braids come in chunky or thick sizes.

Woman wearing red jumbo butterfly blade

They may consume more extensions, but they add volume to your hair, so they are very stylish.

long butterfly braid

Woman in red top wearing long butterfly braid

Want a braid that hangs down your back down to your waist or buttocks? If yes, then go for long passion braids.

Woman wearing long brown butterfly braid

But be prepared to sit around for a long time and invest in enough attachment.

short or medium passion blaze

Woman wearing medium length butterfly braid

These things stay around or slightly below the shoulder.

Woman wearing short butterfly braids on buns

they are not long. So it’s comfortable and doesn’t take long, especially if you don’t want your hair to feel stressed.

colorful butterfly braid hairstyle

Woman wearing red butterfly braid

Would you like to mix 2 color extensions? Or do you use bright colors that not many people use?

girl wearing blue butterfly braid

Colorful Butterfly Box Braids are an easy way to express style with your hair. If you like to look different and don’t mind being the center of attention, go for this one.

Cornrow Butterfly Passion Blade

Woman wearing cornrow butterfly blade

To achieve this hairstyle, a hairstylist must braid the hair into a shuku or all-back cornrow and then add curls towards the end of the cornrow.

Woman wearing butterfly braid in cornrow

This type of passion braid hairstyle can be stitch braid or regular cornrows. anyone will work.

Knotless Butterfly Braid

Smiling woman wearing knotless butterfly braid

This style is achieved using feed-in technology. That is, rather than attaching the braids directly to your scalp, your hairstylist will first braid your natural hair before attaching the extensions, and continue to supply more extensions as you braid.

Woman wearing knotless butterfly braid

Most passion braids have no knots.

Passion blade with accessories

Woman wearing accessory and blue butterfly braid

did you braid your hair? Please don’t leave your seat yet. Have the stylist decorate the braids with hair accessories such as cowries, beads, gold/silver cuffs, scrunchies, and headbands.

Smiling woman wearing hair accessories and butterfly braid

Accessories can beautify your hair and come in handy when you want to change the style of your braid.

Butterfly blades on sides or center

Woman wearing center part butterfly blade

Your stylist will part your braid either sideways or in the middle to better your face.

Woman wearing side part butterfly braid

Whichever you choose is beautiful and worth your time.

Tender woman wearing butterfly braid

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