How to Organize Your Makeup Products

Did you know that how you organize your makeup products can go a long way in storing and maintaining them? Also, the product will not spill or even damage another one.

Think about it.

You spend money to get a lot of products to enhance your beauty.

Then it looks like this:

  1. Whenever I want to put on makeup, I always make a mess of my bag.
  2. Depending on the product, it may spill, stain the bag, stain other products,
  3. So it ultimately leads to waste.

So how do you avoid this, or fix this problem if it’s already happening? SIMPLE: Use our makeup storage tips to keep your makeup products organized.

cosmetic storage cart

Also, how do you arrange your cosmetics to preserve them and keep them looking good overall?

Let’s find out together.

How to organize makeup correctly

how to organize cosmetics

you makeup artist Or women who simply love to wear makeup, use these tips to make sure your products are always safe and wholesome.

1. Get a brush holder for your brush

Get a brush holder for your brush

If you have a lot of makeup brushes, place them tip-up in a small container, jar, or cup instead of storing them with your foundation, powder, or lipstick.

This saves you from rummaging through your makeup bag looking for the tiniest brush in your collection. It also prevents other products from staining the bristles of the brush.

You can also use a brush holder with different compartments. This way you keep your eyes, lips, brows and face brushes separate.

After doing this, add the brush holder to a rolling cart, drawer, shelf, mirror, or wherever you store all your products.

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2. Use a mirror with shelf space

Use mirrors with shelf space

If you have a mirror like that, take advantage of it by placing your beauty products there.

This includes perfumes, powders, body creams, foundations, deodorants, facial cleansers, and other products that stay put on a mirror shelf.

3. Store the makeup sponge in the sponge stand

Store your makeup sponges in the sponge stand

After applying foundation with a makeup sponge, wash it and store it upright on the sponge stand.

This helps it dry quickly and keeps germs from other surfaces out of reach.

4. Use cosmetic boxes/bags with compartments

Use cosmetic boxes and bags with dividers

You can also invest in a makeup bag or box with partitions.

This keeps all your products in place, within reach, and all at once

5. Use dividers to store pallets

Use dividers to store pallets

If you don’t want your pallets to be lined up all over the place or stacked up, put them in a compartment.

Dividers give each pallet room without encroaching on other spaces.

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6. Choose a drawer organizer

go to drawer organizer

These organizers keep your beauty items from rolling around in your drawers.You can also group certain items and stack products vertically, saving drawer space

Use it to organize your cosmetics.

7. Arrange the most used products from left to right

Most used products arranged left to right

What items do you use often? Pick them up and arrange them left to right in a divider, a separate cosmetic bag/box, a drawer, etc.

Doing this puts it within easy reach and you don’t have to worry about where a particular product is.

8. Put fragile products in bubble wrap while traveling

Pack fragile products in bubble wrap when traveling

If you don’t have bubble wrap, wrap fragile beauty products in a heavy cloth before putting them in your travel bag.

This ensures it won’t break or spill on your clothes while traveling.

9. Use transparent shelves for easy access

Use transparent shelves for easy access

Clear shelves allow you to see each product you have lined up. This means you can see from the outside where your lipsticks and palettes are without having to reach into the shelves. When this happens, it’s easy to grab what you need and get started right away.

Use transparent shelves to organize your beauty items. It also helps transform perfume bottles into beautiful pieces to decorate your shelves and rooms.

Makeup storage tips

Now that you know your makeup storage tips, use that knowledge to extend the life of your makeup.

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